Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety

It has a “charged” meaning: can I be myself in the workplace, the same person I am with friends and family? It is important to apply this thinking in an organisation because there is a shift going on within organisations and the way we people want to work. This shift can be seen, for example, in research by Brene Brown and Amy Edmundson on topics such as diversity, inclusion and psychological safety in the workplace. Psychological safety has become more important and is a highly sought after element by companies around the world. The importance of this topic in the workplace is a hot topic. Now the question is how this can be made practical and usable for humans.
The benefits of psychological safety are linked to overall team performance and organisational development. However, for management teams or budget holders it can be difficult to quantify; what is the return on investment in absolute terms when working on a subject that is difficult to grasp? To answer this question, Human Insight developed a quantitative and practical approach to work with psychological safety.
Together with David Lewis from London Business School and Alison Reynolds from Ashridge Business School, Human Insight conducted research into organisational diversity and the interrelationship between psychological safety. This led to the Quality of Interaction Index, or Qi Index for short. The Qi Index is embedded in our approach to help organisations understand what is currently going on in their organisation and also to question the desired state. With Qi we focus on:

Team performance

In a team where psychological safety is high, team members dare to express their opinion without fear of the consequences. This ensures better team performance.

Organisation development

Psychological safety is an important factor in organisational development. This ensures that people can express themselves safely within organisations.

Measurable diversity

Our tools and insights make strategic diversity measurable. On the basis of this, teams and organisations can be better classified.


In een team waar de psychologische veiligheid hoog is, durven teamleden hun mening te geven zonder bang te zijn voor de gevolgen. Dit zorgt voor betere teamprestaties.


Psychologische veiligheid is een belangrijke factor in organisatieontwikkeling. Dit zorgt ervoor dat mensen zich veilig kunnen uiten binnen organisaties.

Meetbare diversiteit

Dankzij onze tools en inzichten wordt strategische diversiteit meetbaar. Aan de hand daarvan kunnen teams en organisaties beter ingedeeld worden.

Psychological Safety​

Psychological safety is important within teams and organisations. It ensures the ability to express yourself safely without consequences. Raising the subject of psychological safety and embedding it in your organisations can be done in different ways and with different strategic results. Consider, for example, raising awareness on this topic, actively working to bring psychological safety practices to the workplace or embedding it in organisational development or leadership programs.


Our vision

The customers who have worked with us indicate that they have received the following benefits from working with psychological safety:
  • The Qi approach creates common languages within organisations;
  • It quantifies certain behaviours and emotions at different organisational levels, which are normally not easy to understand;
  • It creates a dialogue between the current environment and the desired state. This gap analysis is a practical analysis of what stands in the way of success. And what to do about it;
  • The Qi reporting module provides a dashboard function where organisational stakeholders, management, change agents at different levels can zoom in and out to see where performance is derailing.


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