Change management

How do you ensure a successful change process?

When it comes to successfully implementing change in an organisation, good change management is essential. It refers to the process of planning, implementing and controlling changes in an organisation to ensure that they are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.

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The benefits of effective change management

Processes and ways of working that used to work well can now become bottlenecks. They can slow down or even completely get in the way of the successful implementation of your strategy.

One thing is often clear: If no change takes place and your organisation continues with the same way of working, things will not go well for long.

The importance of change management is often overestimated. Organisations that fail to successfully implement and manage these changes themselves often face a number of problems, such as: reduced productivity, lower profits and it can lead to loss of customers.

Resistance often occurs with change. A well-developed change plan, which can be understood by everyone, can be a solution to this.

Implementing effective and lean change management over the long term creates a number of benefits:

NOTE: Change management is an ongoing process. For change to be successful in the long term, teams and organisations must be committed to continuous improvement of current processes.

The steps of change management

Following the Change Management Roadmap is the basis for creating and clear change plan.

  1. Why and what needs to change?
  2. Leading coalition
  3. Creating new vision and strategy
  4. Certainty and security
  5. Remove obstacles
  6. Change in steps and celebrate your success
  7. Do not give up
  8. Securing change

Change management is essential for successful transformation

Change management is an important topic for companies and organisations looking to adapt to changing circumstances and markets. Be it a merger, an acquisition, a reorganisation or a change in business strategy.

It is important to understand that change management is more than just implementing new systems or processes. It is also about managing the human aspects of change, such as resistance, communication and training. This requires a practical approach that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders.

How can we support you?

During a change management training you will learn to use the right leadership qualities to bring about change. You learn to manage new processes in a positive way and to guide people through these processes.

An effective training or master class

Human Insight offers effective change management training that provides practical insight into which processes you need to change in order to achieve your goals, and gives you the practical tools you need to change these processes and maintain them in the long term.

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Who is our change management training course for?

What can you expect?

Would you like to work with Human Insight to manage your change process? Based on our experience, we guide clients through a process with the following steps:

Measure change readiness and strategic response

With the ACT-Cube, you can measure your team’s readiness for change and strategic response, among other things, and learn to create support and commitment. Learn to practically deal with resistance to change and motivate your team to actively contribute.

The ACT Cube helps to establish a clear dialogue and identifies potential weaknesses and processes, so that they can be changed before they cause damage to your organisation or team.

Aligning change processes and interaction patterns

Successfully implementing a change process is more than writing and mailing around the new plan. The change process is only carried out well when it is clearly communicated, everyone supports it and the change process is monitored.

With the Quality of Interaction, we provide insight into the human side of change. It maps which behaviours need to be reinforced and released to improve processes. It also provides insight into current interactions or the lack thereof and how this affects performance.


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