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We live in a world of uncertainty that is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. For teams and organisations to deal with this uncertainty, we need to be able to understand where we are now. This way we can prepare for the challenges that are coming our way.

The Growth-Curve is an assessment that easily reveals which stage of growth an organisation (or department/service/product) is in.

The assessment makes it clear which next phase will be next. It helps an organisation respond to this to make the transition to the next phase more successful.

The Growth-Curve in short

Anything that grows follows the pattern of the Growth-Curve. It can be an organisation, a product, a team, a person or anything else. Each of these starts with an idea phase, which is followed by an investment phase, a scale-up phase and finally a maturation phase. To become successful, one has to grow through each of these different phases.

However, they all present fundamentally different challenges and require unique resources and mindsets to go through them.

Our Growth-Curve questionnaires help to quickly and easily understand which phase your organisation, your team, your products or even you are in. It also provides insight into what kind of challenges that stage presents and how to prepare for them.

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The Growth-Curve in practice

The Growth-Curve provides insight into the growth stage an individual, product or organisation is in. It is a very appropriate starting point for any strategic conversation about scaling businesses and taking the next steps in career development, innovation and leadership. Knowing where a product or service is on the Growth-Curve serves as valuable knowledge to:

Predict what lies ahead, which steps you should take next and what you should stop doing;​

Understand where and how the organisation compares to other similar, collaborating or competing organisations;​

Predict the risk of loss of values, integrity and leadership or management derailment within the organisation;​

Predict what kind of people are needed to create a healthy alignment for growth and performance.​

Predict where the organisation is headed in terms of its maximum value (whether it is financial gain or social gain) and whether it is yet to come or already in the past (renewal should be a priority);​

The Growth-Curve for individuals

Take the next step in your career.

The Growth-Curve answers critical questions such as: where do people see themselves in their development path in their current role or project? Have they pulled out all they can or do they still see room to grow? How can they achieve this development and what do they need from their team and organisation to make it happen?


The Growth-Curve for products and services

Navigate innovation.

Innovation means successfully managing the Growth-Curve. Successfully introducing and scaling up a new product or service is like a relay race. The transition from exploration to operationalisation and ultimately optimisation of individuals is crucial to developing a viable product or service.

By recognising where a product is in its life cycle, you can focus on the right priorities. You can also better prepare for priorities in the future before they actually appear.

The Growth-Curve for teams and organisations

Strategic leadership for sustainable growth.

Knowing what stage of the lifecycle the organisation is currently in is critical to implementing the right strategic priorities. Visualising where people see the organisation will help them understand each other better. It encourages strategic discussions about what the organisation should be doing now and what the challenges will be in the near future.


What can the Growth-Curve do for you?

The Growth-Curve charts the extent to which strategic objectives are in line with the organisation’s current growth phase. It also provides insight into whether there is agreement or disagreement among employees about the organisation’s current growth phase.

Moreover, the Growth-Curve answers the question of whether the leadership style and behaviour within the organisation are optimally suited to meet the challenges of the current growth phase and upcoming growth phases. And do the organisational culture, norms and values fit well with the current growth phase?

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More about the Growth-Curve

The video below briefly explains what the Growth-Curve is and what this assessment tool can be used for.

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Business case

Human Insight has been supporting BT Global Services (BTGS) through significant and ongoing change by enabling the senior leadership population to re-engage on their team purpose and composition.

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The Practitioner and BT

“This company, like many large international organisations, had many suppliers of what can be summarised as learning and development initiatives – training, management development, etc. An important influencing factor in the beginning was the role the Growth-Curve could play in providing of a single framework and language to combine these initiatives into a coherent way forward."

- Rick Price

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