Strategic Solutions

Strategic tools and sustainable solutions

Looking for strategic solutions for yourself, your team or organisation? In a rapidly changing society, it is important to deal with change flexibly and decisively. Easier said than done. After all, we increasingly face strategic challenges.

We are happy to help you find appropriate solutions to these challenges. To be successful, you need to keep growing continuously. Contact us to find out which strategic issues Human Insight can help you with.

Strategic tools

Interested in one of our strategic tools? Would you like to know which strategic issues we can support you with? We would be happy to help you. Schedule a meeting with us now.


The AEM-Cube maps how people naturally handle change and growth. Founded on more than 20 years of research, the tool helps individuals, teams and organisations worldwide identify people's growth potential and link it to strategy.

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To achieve healthy, sustainable growth and performance, strategic responsiveness and change readiness are essential. The ACT-Cube uniquely makes these two concepts visible in business units of any size, such as (project) teams or departments.

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Qi Index

Strengthen psychological safety and strategic diversity within your organisation and improve the Quality of Interaction between the people in your organisation. Be more resilient and agile in a rapidly changing market. Build sustainable teams and improve individual, team and organisational performance.

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The RPA Cube stands for Result Positioning Area. It is a strategic assessment that provides insight into the result areas of a team or function. Among other things, it is used to guide issues of inflow, advancement, or turnover and to describe new or existing functions.

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The Growth-Curve is a tool that provides an easy insight into which phase of growth an organisation (or department/service/product) is in and which next phase will emerge. With this knowledge, an organisation can respond to this, for example by intervening or investing, so that the transition to the next phase will be (more) successful.

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Services and scans

Besides strategic tools, we offer various services and scans that we deploy to make growth measurable, among other things:

Strategic Growth Scan

The Strategic Growth Scan ensures that your company is resilient to market fluctuations, moves with trends and is at the forefront of innovation. It looks at how the gap between strategy and execution can be narrowed as efficiently as possible. This is done by deploying employees, knowledge and resources correctly and at the right time.

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Talent Result Scan

The Talent Result Scan is a follow-up to the AEM-Cube. Like participants, result areas can also be plotted using the AEM-Cube thinking. The Talent Result Scan takes participants through the process. Within that process, the participant's contribution and result areas are plotted on the AEM-Cube axes.

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Survey as a Service

Done with engagement questionnaires? Measure exactly what you need with our Survey as a Service. Create your own custom survey to measure performance, what makes people tick, current cultures and more.

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Certification Training Courses

Certification Training

Getting started with our tools yourself? Follow a certification training course and receive professional training. During this training, you will be trained to use our tools in practice. Training courses are available online, offline and inhouse.

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We organise various events. From master classes to free webinars and certification training courses to workshops.
If you would like to attend one of our events, please register via our events page on our website.

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Are you looking for an interactive session to develop and grow your team or organisation? Or would you like to incorporate business games into this development process? We offer tailor-made sessions based on your needs.

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