Diversity and inclusion in teams

How to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Managing inclusiveness and diversity in teams has been a much researched topic recently. Because how do you promote diversity and inclusion and how do you work efficiently to create an inclusive working environment?

A clear action plan, training or workshop can provide support in this complex topic. At Human Insight, we have been researching this topic for the past 10 years. There is a range of positive attributes that you can link to working with these within organisations, but how do you create an inclusive corporate culture and what are elements you practically work on to incorporate these habits into daily practice?

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Managing inclusiveness and diversity in teams

Managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace starts with analysing your current team. What types of people are these? How big are the cultural differences? What about cognitive diversity? Don’t forget things like age, religion and gender.

To create an action plan, it needs to be clear which people you currently have on your team, where they contribute most to the growth of your organisation and whether you are making the best use of their talents. Human Insight can help you with these insights. Using the AEM-Cube, we determine the level of diversity and offer insights on which concrete points need to be addressed to work towards an inclusive organisation.

Long-term strategy​

It must be clear what this strategy means for the organisation, its stakeholders and management. Put such a strategy in your diversity policy.


Creating insight into what inclusion means and what types of diversity there are plays an important role in this.


Gaining insight into the challenges people are facing and what they think of the future and the desired environment in which they want to work provides a basis for creating and preserving diversity and inclusion.

How do you create an inclusive work environment?

The Human Insight approach to diversity and inclusion focuses on the practical deployment and adaptation of people. In other words, we try to keep it simple and straightforward.

What are the elements needed to create an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce? And have a greater impact on the organisation?

The application of our framework and associated tools is intended to help your people perform better at their jobs, create an inclusive culture and enable them to collaborate better with their colleagues.

How do you create an inclusive work environment?

Human Insight has developed best practices and practical guidelines to help organisations, leaders and employees work with the insights that the diversity and inclusion approach has to offer. Based on our success with other organisations and best practices, we have found that our approach helps with:

Research on diversity

Based on more than 30 years of research on cognitive diversity in a team, several insights have been gained. It has been shown that organisations, especially teams, benefit from cognitive differences within teams when solving complex challenges.

An organisation that makes effective use of cognitive and cultural differences, recognises different talents and manages accordingly ensures a high degree of agility and resilience.

Solving problems faster through cognitive diversity

Teams with high levels of cognitive diversity solve problems faster. Why this is so, you will discover in the research on Harvard Business Review. Using the AEM-Cube, it measures strategic diversity within teams and organisations.

How do you create an inclusive work environment?

In the video below you can learn more about the research of Alison Reynolds and David Lewis to cognitive diversity within teams.

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Also creating a diverse and inclusive environment for sustainable growth of people and organisation? Make efficient use of the talents and differences in your team, thus fostering a creative and resilient environment.

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