Team development
for excellent interactions and top performance

Our science-based assessments and solutions help organisations gain insight into the natural contribution and strength of their staff and teams. We provide insight into whether organisations have the right people to successfully implement their strategy. We offer you practical tools to improve interactions and collaborations and to get the best out of people and teams.

Ground-breaking assessments

in human behaviour and performance

Human Insight offers best-in-class assessments in human behaviour and performance and advises its clients in drawing up and implementing an action plan based on the outcomes of the assessments.

Among other things, the outcomes of the assessments are actively used in organisational themes such as discussing and analysing psychological safety, mapping team dynamics and cognitive and strategic diversity.

Strategic solutions

for organisational and team development

Human Insight advises and supports its clients in implementing a strategic action plan for organisational and team development based on the results of the various assessments.

Each phase has its own challenges. Human Insight specialises in linking the outcomes of the assessments to the development phase of the organisation or department and assists in setting up and implementing an action plan to achieve the desired situation.

Scientific research

Benchmarking and insights
With a strong academic network, we publish our findings in professional journals and on scientific websites. With themes ranging from organisational change and transitions to human behaviour and team performance.

What our customers say


We focus on providing insight into the valuable contributions of individuals and their unique perspectives. We believe that the health and success of organisations are determined by the people who work there.


We help teams on their way to becoming profitable. We are there for issues of growth, change, team dynamics, team building and other strategic challenges. Human Insight connects people and strategy.


We link individual contributions and perspectives to an organisational context. In this way, we coordinate an appropriate development path for each issue. This allows organisations to put insights gained to optimal use in practice.

Our approach

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