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The RPA-Cube stands for Result Positioning Area. It is a strategic assessment that provides insight into the result areas of a team or a function. It is used, among other things, to guide issues about intake, transit or turnover and to describe new or existing positions. For HR and management, it provides insight into strategic personnel planning, possible causes of burnouts, more effective employee turnover and more efficient recruitment and selection procedures.

The RPA-Cube is thus used to create a common understanding of the result areas that are required to optimally implement an organisation’s strategy. The RPA-Cube can be used to define clear goals for a particular business unit and align them with the natural contributions of individuals.

The RPA-Cube in short

RPA-Cube stands for Result Positioning Area assessment. It is a strategic assessment that helps align talent with result areas and organisational strategy. By making result areas of certain functions visual, it reveals how stakeholders view the function. But it also reveals issues such as how this function contributes to the execution of strategic objectives.

For HR and management, it provides valuable insights into strategic personnel planning, possible causes of burn-outs, more effective employee flow and more efficient recruitment and selection procedures.

The RPA Cube uniquely contributes to expectation management and the creation of consensus and support in value chains at all levels in the organisation.

Variant of the AEM-Cube

As a variant of the AEM-Cube®, it is founded on the same scientific basis and is therefore perfectly deployable together with the AEM-Cube. The RPA-Cube shows which result areas are expected from a job and the AEM-Cube shows who naturally contributes to those result areas.

The RPA-Cube in practice

The RPA Cube helps to analyse the different result areas needed to successfully execute a role and improve overall performance. This strategic assessment provides insight into:

Individual talent development and which talents and skills are needed to deliver optimal results in a particular position;

How to find the best candidate for a position most effectively and efficiently;

The extent to which the results as described in the job title fits the needs of the organisation;

How to create consensus on what it takes to perform well in certain areas of the business;

How to match talent with job descriptions during recruitment and onboarding processes and keep these processes in line with changes in an organisation.

The RPA Cube for individuals

Connecting result areas with talents.

The RPA-Cube is a very suitable tool for individuals, as it shows how they can connect their personal result areas with their talents, personality traits and experience, and how these can contribute to all the result areas set up within the team or organisation.


The RPA Cube for teams

Aligning team result areas with individual result areas.

Within teams, departments or business units, the RPA-Cube can also be implemented well. The results show how the result areas align with the objectives of a team implementing the result areas. It also shows how they contribute to the overall result areas within that team in the organisation.

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What can the RPA-Cube do for you?

Our partners use the RPA-Cube to assess blind spots within their organisation. They deploy it to quantify their gut feeling about effective performance parameters.

With our assessment, they analyse what is needed for a particular role or in a team. An understanding is created of the relationship between individuals’ natural contributions and their responsibilities. This allows them to be offered the right support.

With the RPA-Cube, the actual contribution of a result area in its strategic context can be visualised. It clusters multiple result areas in one view. These data visualisations facilitate further discussion of performance and strategy.

The RPA-Cube in practice

The video below briefly explains what the RPA-Cube is and what this assessment tool can be used for.

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