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Stress-free and more productive with the Getting Things Done method

The Getting Things Done method (GTD) was designed by David Allen. Getting Things Done enables you to set up a structured and productive system for task management and provides you with clear tools and insights for organising your tasks and projects to increase productivity and reduce stress.

The idea behind the Getting Things Done method is that all tasks are recorded externally, so you don’t forget anything and your head remains free for important matters. In other words, as David Allen himself points out: ‘Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them‘.

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Getting Things Done - By doing

During a Getting Things Done module from Human Insight, you will learn to set up your own productivity system using the GTD method. During our module, the steps of GTD are made practical, with tips and examples.

Training: Getting Things Done module

At Human Insight, we offer a Getting Things Done module based on the GTD method. The following are covered within this module:

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Starting a Getting Things Done course or training? At Human Insight, we offer Getting Things Done courses online via our Academy. 

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"Human Insight developed an online module for us around the theme of Getting Things Done. In the process, they introduced our Online Marketers to GTD in an interactive way during a workshop. Our Anglers were able to get straight to work with practical tools and put them into practice for our clients."

Phases of the Getting Things Done method

The Getting Things Done method has 5 different phases. These phases help you manage, organise and complete your tasks effectively and efficiently. It is wise to repeat the steps periodically to ensure productivity.

Tips for Getting Things Done

Get a grip on your work and clear your head with the GTD method. The following tips can support you in implementing GTD:

Increased productivity

GTD helps you structure your tasks and schedule them effectively.

More creativity

Using GTD efficiently makes room for creativity. Noise is removed and a clear to-do list becomes visible.

Reduces stress

By keeping track and organising tasks externally, your mind is calmed and you keep track of your tasks and progress.

More focus

By clearly organising tasks, it becomes easier to concentrate on one task.

Better decision-making

By having an overview of all tasks and projects, better priorities and deadlines can be set. Realistic planning is thus made possible.

What is Getting Things Done?

The Getting Things Done method (GTD) is a productivity method. It supports you in collecting, processing, organising, reflecting and completing tasks. By following the steps, you clear your head and work more productively.

In short; Getting Things Done provides a structured framework to manage tasks and projects efficiently and reduce stress.

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