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Are you looking for ways to take your team to the next level? Do you want to improve collaboration, communication and performance within your team or management team?

Our proven assessments are designed to help teams grow, whatever their size or industry.

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Develop an agile and resilient team

By investing in team development, you are investing in the success of your organisation. Strong and resilient teams perform better, are more resilient and there is often higher employee satisfaction.

Are you ready to take your team or management team to the next level?

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Our services

At Human Insight, we offer team development processes in the broadest sense. We look at the goals of your organisation and team and based on this we offer you practical insights, assessments and interactive sessions.

High Performing Teams

The power and characteristics of a High Performing Team? What leadership style do you adopt when managing such a high-performing team? Improve your team's performance and achieve strategic goals.

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Team Performance

Make team performance measurable with our strategic assessments and tools. Work efficiently on high performing teams, improve team performance and increase employee engagement.

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Autonomous teams

Learn what building blocks a self-managing or autonomous team consists of, how to build a self-managing team and how to effectively lead self-management.

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Why choose team development at Human Insight?


Our experienced coaches guide teams to success with valuable insights and tools, regardless of their size or sector.


Our coaching is tailor-made for each team. We analyse thoroughly to perfectly meet your needs and goals.

Practice-oriented approach

Our training courses and assessments are practice-oriented. We encourage team members to apply learned skills immediately, resulting in tangible improvements.


Choose from our wide range of science-based team development tools and assessments, including leadership, conflict management, decision-making and more.

Effective support for team development

Achieving successful results and increasing team dynamics? Do you want to bring your team closer together, develop an agile team or work on psychological safety? We support you in developing your team in the broadest sense.

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Team development for management teams

Are you looking for a development programme specifically for your management team? The programmes developed by Human Insight focus on strengthening collaborations, improving communication flows and developing effective leadership.

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How does it work?

  1. Free, no-obligation consultation
    Before we start developing your team, we first look at your and your organisation’s goals. Based on these goals, we make an adapted development plan with corresponding assessments.

  2. Team development training or coaching and assessments
    Based on your goals, we offer tailor-made training or coaching for team development. Interactive sessions and feedback are provided at your location or InCompany. Assessments can be taken entirely online.

  3. Evaluation
    Do you benefit from periodic support after the training has ended? If so, we can create a programme for periodic evaluation of team development and progress, according to your wishes.

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