Organisational development

Human Insight provides assistance in organisational development and organisation performance reviews as a consultant.

As a busy entrepreneur aiming for growth, moving from strategy to execution can be challenging, especially when involving your team.

We’ve assisted many entrepreneurs in facilitating growth and developed an Annual Performance Measurement Check to align organisational development and team performance with your goals.

Annual Performance Measurement Check: what does it involve?

Our unique Annual Performance Measurement Check assesses your organisation’s progress in achieving its strategy. We directly link your people’s talents to effective strategy execution using specially developed talent and organisational assessments.

Practical insights

We offer practical insights and guidance on key performance areas at all levels, from organisation-wide to individual contributions.

Minimal time investment

We deploy insights at various organisational layers through quick and easy online pulse measurements and assessments. Reports and data from Human Insight are presented in team sessions, translating feedback into practical actions for maximum returns.

What to expect?

The coaching timeframe is determined in consultation, considering the practical aspect so your business can continue smoothly.

The Annual Performance Measurement Check begins with a strategic analysis using specialised strategic tooling to identify areas for interventions. We then offer practical support through training, team sessions, workshops, and individual coaching to support your organisation and employees progress.

Organisational Development

What is needed to achieve strategic goals? How is the company organised to get here?

Span of

Who does what? What is the division of roles within the team or organisation?

Quality of Interaction

How is the strategy translated into practice? Are team members on the same page? Are all goals clear?


Matching team result areas and talents with challenges and stage of growth.


Driving the constant development and growth of staff.

The top 5 challenges:
Organisational development growth phases

Organisations that want to grow, face different challenges, and these challenges differ for each development phase:

  1. Organisational development: How to structure work and achieve efficiency through company organisation.
  2. Span of control: Managing teams and responsibilities.
  3. Communication flows: Aligning strategy with practice, making adjustments, and breaking down focus areas for teams and employees.
  4. Team Alignment: Matching team skills and result areas with growth-stage challenges and organisational needs.
  5. Individual development of people: From employee to manager. 

To deal with these growth challenges, Human Insight has developed an approach based on the insights gained from working with clients over the last 30 years.

Organisational development in each phase of growth

Our services target growth challenges faced by organisations, offered in packages for start-ups, scale-ups, and corporates. These packages include team sessions, coaching, strategic assessments, and the use of Human Insight tools like the AEM-Cube® and Quality of Interaction measurement.

Through our engagements, we provide insight into the current growth phase and challenges for start-ups, scale-ups, or large organisations. 

We map result areas and talents of individuals, teams, and organisations, enabling them to take the next step in the growth process and maximize their potential.

Manage growth with organisational development training

Within the organisation, we help people in key leadership positions get practical guidance on managing growth. Through interactive workshops and organisational development training, we ensure that the insights gained are actually secured within organisations.

Where possible, we link these to practical actions and follow-up steps to directly implement improvements within organisations. This ensures a process in which teams can be properly managed and deployed to move to the next phase of growth.

Moreover, our practical tools and insights provide a basis for identifying growth challenges throughout the organisation and responding to them proactively.

Organisation lifecycle on the Growth-Curve (click to enlarge)

How do we proceed?

To realise the growth ambitions of various organisations, we have developed targeted services. Here, we offer customised solutions, but also the possibility to make use of optimal ROI through a fixed fee-per-year construction.

Within the fixed fee per year construction, we offer a wide range of services that perfectly match the development of your organisation. This could be organisational development training in the broadest sense to further develop managers.

Human Insight also supports by facilitating team sessions, strategic insights and assessments based on the AEM-Cube®, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Quality of Interaction measurement and online modules, relevant for start-ups, scale-ups and corporate organisations.

Our onboarding steps:

Together with you, we will engage in a dialogue to find the right solution. This onboarding has the following steps:

  1. Intake interview with director, entrepreneur or management team
  2. Organisational scan that analyses organisational dynamics and growth challenges 
  3. Discuss proposal and approach organisational development and impact 
  4. Use of assessments, tooling, workshops and/or coaching
  5. Reflection, measuring progress and feedback organisation stakeholders: managers and employees

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