Mission-Driven Priorities

How to implement a strategic plan?

To be agile and resilient in a rapidly changing market, it is crucial that strategy implementation is constantly updated and successfully executed. It often turns out that the elaboration of a strategic plan and an organisation’s mission can be achieved quite easily. Successful strategy implementation is the tricky part.

Human Insight developed a practical approach to implement strategy faster and better. This through a clear implementation plan, the right insights about your organisation’s capabilities and understandable follow-up steps.

At Human Insight, we call this the Mission-Driven Priorities approach. Do you want to efficiently close the gap between your strategy and its implementation? Get in touch with us!

From strategy to execution with Mission-Driven Priorities

Our Mission-Driven Priorities (MDP) approach helps organisational stakeholders manage strategic execution. MPD thus forms a way of working for senior leadership and project teams. It creates an iterative process that allows teams to adjust their implementation plan according to what is successful. It also provides insight into issues that need to be resolved quickly to achieve objectives.

What can you expect?

With the MPD approach, you learn to formulate the strategic objectives with a clear mission in a simple, time- and cost-efficient and very active and positive way. Within that implementation plan is included what and how each team member can directly contribute. This approach makes it clear to each team member what his or her contributions are and those of colleagues. This sets in motion cooperation that is clear to everyone.

Going through such an MDP process usually takes three days the first time. When repeated annually, the process can be reduced to one day. Mission-Driven Priorities is cost-saving because not more, but ultimately even less time is spent on tactical and strategic decision-making than what already happens normally.

An AEM-cube profile with the right strategic diversity usually guarantees that an MDP runs effectively and efficiently.

How to implement a strategic plan?


When you know what people are doing, your strategy can be executed faster.


To achieve the mission of your organisation, result areas of business units and teams must be well aligned.


The approach provides an accessible way to assess the status of progress at any time.

One language, one process

This unity ensures that teams can easily repeat their strategic roadmap.

Avoid poor execution of a good strategy

Do you already have a great strategic plan on the table? Then you probably want to get started on this quickly. However, a strategy is nothing without good execution. The following steps will get you off to a good start with your roadmap for effective strategy implementation.

What does the Mission-Driven Priorities approach do for you?

Human Insight’s MDP approach is used by organisations working with multidisciplinary teams. Our approach makes it easier for them to:

Unique approach

The application of our framework and associated tools is designed to help your people perform better in their areas of expertise, assess what is happening in the value chain and work better with their colleagues.

The MDP approach can be facilitated by Human Insight, but can also be taught to create internal capacity within the organisation and an iterative process that enables efficient strategy execution.

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A good strategy will only be really good if it is implemented efficiently, the capabilities used and needed are known and adjustments are made in time. With the Mission-Driven Priorities approach, you get practical insights and tools to make every strategy implementation run correctly.

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