Train the Trainer Course: Leadership Development

Develop skills, ensure safety and utilise and develop talents.

Organisational issues and bringing about behavioural change are issues organisations often face. Over the years, Human Insight has developed a specialism in setting up Train the Trainer courses for clients keen to develop internal capacity.

During our Train the Trainer Course, you will learn all about your own leadership style and optimise your didactic skills. How do you stand in front of a group and how do you come across? How do you coach people and how can you optimise your leadership skills?

Get to know the Train the Trainer Course of Human Insight.

Why start a Train the Trainer Course?

Organisations are subject to course changes, multi-year strategies that set the course of where the company wants to go. As a result, there is often a support issue to adequately provide the people who have to do it (the employees) with the right guidance.

To guide this in the right direction, a Train the Trainer course or workshop can be chosen. This provides employees with insights on didactic skills. In addition, it gives practical substance to programme design and how to deal with the behavioural aspect of taking people along in a change process.

How does our Train the Trainer course work?

A Train the Trainer programme is made up of a number of building blocks. Briefly, these are:

Natural Contributions

Change team development; understanding natural contribution and team composition to deploy the right capabilities for the right result areas;​

Leadership Development

Develop trainer skills and further develop as a professional trainer;

Stimulate and manage change​

How to stimulate and manage behavioural change and group processes;

Create your own training​

How to design an effective and successful training programme for your own organisation;​

Continuous Growth​

Learning to drive continuous improvement and monitoring.

What to expect?

Tailor-made workshops and training courses

At Human Insight we offer Train the Trainer Courses and workshops fine-tuned to the needs of your team or organisation. 

During our Train the Trainer Course several topics are covered:

The topics mentioned above describe the programme in outline. For each programme day, we take the time to go deeper, giving you the necessary practical tools to support you in building successful programmes and delivering them internally.

Benefits of a Train the Trainer Course

With our Train the Trainer programme, your organisation can use its own ambassadors to support certain behavioural changes the organisation wishes to see. In our experience, people from their own organisations can develop particularly good training courses to facilitate long-term value for the organisation. In addition, our clients who have attended such a programme indicate that a Train the Trainer workshop or course offers the following benefits:

Clear Communication

Clear shared future picture and team goal formulation;​

Create training courses​

Create and build your own training courses for your team or organisation;​

Psychological Safety

Ensuring psychological safety during the training sessions;

Team Performance

Working on and monitoring team development and performance;

Diversity and Inclusion​

Leveraging diversity of the team to develop programme improvement initiatives.​

Train the Trainer: tailor made courses and workshops

With our Train the Trainer Course you train people from your own organisation to become better leaders that are able to design their own training courses. Our training courses and workshops are tailor-made and can be adjusted to your own needs. Together with you we decide what is needed to get the right results.

What will be your focus?

Our Train the Trainer workshop and courses vary between a focus on Diversity and Inclusion, where we discuss topics like anti-bias training. Or a focus on Leadership Development, Situational Leadership or a combination. It all depends on your wishes.

Interested in developing leadership skills during a Train the Trainer Course? Contact us for tailor-made solutions.

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Human Insight offers tailor-made training courses for trainers. Get started today with didactic skills and learn how to handle behavioural change and encourage positive behavioural change.

After our trainer training, you will be a professional trainer and effortlessly set up your own training programmes.

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