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Create sustainable leadership in a constantly changing world

The world around us is constantly changing, posing various challenges. As a leader, it is important to be able to adapt accordingly on an individual, team and organisational level. According to our vision, these three elements are the fundamental building blocks for sustainable and successful leadership development.

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Challenges for leaders

Within the current way of working, developing leadership is essential to create resilient organisations and teams. Here are a few recognisable challenges to which we apply our expertise

Transition to new

Autonomous teams, hybrid working, coaching leadership. The way people work is changing and with it the expectations of employees towards their managers. How do you move as a leader consciously and competently in these kinds of transitions? How do you remain the leader your team needs?

“As I believe leadership is not about the role or authorized mandate, but more about anyone’s attainable attribute, Qi is definitely a great tool to help team transformation as well as individuals’ leadership journey”

“For organisational leaders, Human Insights tools help them understand how to better connect their people to their strategic outcomes.”

Improving Team

Measuring and improving team performance requires more than just measuring results. Does your organisation have the right ingredients for achieving the set goals? How do you really measure diversity within your teams and how do you use this optimally as a leader to help your teams grow, work and perform?​

Creating Psychological Safety

When people feel free to be and express themselves, this has a great impact on creating an ideal work environment, which will improve individual, team and organisational performance. As a manager, how do you ensure Psychological Safety and encourage behaviours that foster this atmosphere?

“For organisational leaders, Human Insights tools help them understand how to better connect their people to their strategic outcomes.”

How do we tackle it?

According to our vision, successful leadership consists of three key elements: leadership & you, leadership & teams and leadership & the organisation. Read below the approach for each element.

Leadership & You

Successful and resilient leadership starts with the leader himself. Which personal qualities and factors play a role in your personal leadership? This perspective on personal leadership focuses on the individual and on discovering your personal qualities, skills and pitfalls as a leader.

Develop your unique leadership qualities, skills and personal goals for successful and resilient leadership.

Leadership & Teams

Leading is something you never do alone. Who are you as a leadership team and how do your leaders deal with the complexity of different dynamics within teams? The focus is on the interaction between you as leader and the team in order to get a good picture of the strengths and challenges of your leadership and interaction with the team.

Develop your unique leadership qualities that are important for optimal team dynamics and thus contribute to a successful team.

Leadership & the Organisation

A constantly changing and innovative world in which hybrid working is increasingly becoming the norm and teams are becoming more independent, requires flexible leadership, driven by a clear vision. How do you take your organisation through transitions, innovations and cultural changes?

Develop your unique leadership skills that contribute to a successful organisation.

Which tool is best suited to your purpose?

Regardless of the challenges on an individual, team or organisational level, our programmes are always based on our science-based tools. Here are some examples of our tools.

Based on our expertise and experience, we have developed various leadership training programmes. These trainings help individuals, teams and organisations in their journey towards resilient and effective leadership.

Research on how cognitive diversity is beneficial to leadership

The process

At Human Insight, we create customized development paths for you, your team or the entire organization. See what you can expect:

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