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Human Insight’s leadership programmes are provided by our best certified trainers and are directly applicable in practice. Before we start a programme, we offer a no-obligation intake to see which building blocks are needed to achieve your personal, team or organisational goals.

Our approach

We approach leadership in a unique, scientifically backed way by connecting our foundation in ecology, biology and physics with psychology. Leadership is more than teaching skills; it is about building and maintaining a thriving ecosystem. Below, our Growth-curve model outlines the four growth stages with different leadership challenges commonly seen at that specific stage. Understanding these challenges equips you as a leader with the right tools for effective leadership.

In order to describe our approach, the words of IBM CEO Tom Watson,”I am no genius, but I am smart in spots, and I stay around those spots”. Directly showcase how we operate: Shaping leaders so that they recognise their strengths and empower others to complement them.

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Our USPs

How do we tackle leadership challenges?

According to our vision, successful leadership consists of three key elements: leadership & you, leadership & teams and leadership & the organisation. 

Below, the approach for each element can be read.

Leadership & You

Successful and resilient leadership starts with the leader. Which personal qualities and factors play a role in your personal leadership? The perspective on personal leadership within this programme focuses on your individual traits and how to discover and utilise these personal qualities, skills and pitfalls to become a better leader.

Develop your unique leadership qualities, skills and personal goals for successful and resilient leadership.

Leadership & Teams

Leading is something you never do alone. What defines your team's leadership style and how do your leaders deal with the complexity of different dynamics within teams? The focus within this programme lies on the interaction between you as leader and the team in order to get a good picture of the strengths and challenges of your leadership and interaction with the team.

Develop your unique leadership qualities that are important for optimal team dynamics and thus contribute to a successful team.

Leadership & the Organisation

Leading in a constantly changing and innovative world in which hybrid working is increasingly becoming the norm, changing teams to become more independent requires flexible leadership, driven by a clear vision. How do you take your organisation through these transitions, innovations and cultural changes?

Develop your unique qualities that contribute to a successful, adaptable organisation.

What our customers say

Which tool is best suited for your purpose?

Regardless of the challenges on an individual, team or organisational level, our programmes are always based on our scientifically backed tools. 

Below, some examples of our tools can be found.

Based on our expertise and experience, we have developed various leadership training programmes. These trainings help individuals, teams and organisations in their journey towards resilient and effective leadership with the help of the following practices:

Research on how cognitive diversity is beneficial to leadership

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The process

At Human Insight, we create customized development paths for you, your team or the entire organization. See what you can expect:

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