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From low-performing team to high-performing team

Stiff collaboration among team members, no clear goal or consensus, lack of team commitment or wrong expectations of each other; these are all problems that teams of all sizes can face. 

Does this sound familiar but don’t know where to start to tackle these issues? We are happy to help you!

At Human Insight, we have effective tools and assessments to measure and improve team performance.

How to improve team performance

Underperforming or ineffective teams are often the result of unproductive behaviour, demotivated people and a lack of communication due to an unpleasant and unsafe work atmosphere. While your first reaction might be to address people directly about these issues, this isn’t the right approach: personal conflict and unsubstantiated criticism only perpetuate low-performing teams. But what should you do? How can coaches improve team performance?

Our approach

Not only do we provide practical and useful advice to turn your team into a high-performing one. We know how to exactly tailor our consulting to each team because we can actually measure team performance. How do we do that?

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Measure team performance with the AEM-Cube 360

Our tool to measure team performance is the AEM-Cube 360. This is one of our performance tools that identifies what people in your team naturally contribute to and how they deal with growth and change. 

With the AEM-Cube 360, we map not only where they see themselves naturally contributing but also where they expect other team members to contribute. When we have measured this and can identify where in the team people optimally deploy their talent, we connect this knowledge to the team strategy.


Establish and monitor team success

The insights from the AEM-Cube 360 boost team performance by creating mutual understanding and appreciation for each other’s contributions to this performance. Moreover, we make team performance sustainable because we measure the dynamics within the team and can predict what they will look like in the future. Although the composition of the team could change, we can still ensure the knowledge to maintain a high-performing team.

Companies don't build great things, people within teams do."

Team success guaranteed

Optimising team performance using the AEM-Cube 360. Curious what this looks like in practice? Read one of our practical examples here, where the AEM-Cube 360 ​​was used to create awareness within a team around everyone’s individual natural contribution, each other’s natural talents, and to what extent their talents actually matched their position in the team.

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