Human Insight Platform

Since 2014, we have been updating and improving our IT platform to increase the user-friendliness of the platform for our business partners. The possibilities expand every year and we try to keep up with the times. We strive to offer you more and more options, flexibility and efficiency. On April 4, 2022, we launched the Human Insight platform. Purpose-built to better serve our partners and customers with a platform that’s more modern, easier to use, and more scalable.
Good customer service and project management are central to Human Insight. Our account and project managers do their utmost to provide our partners with all the necessary support. Even though they like to do this, in recent years we have increasingly heard from partners that they wish to carry out more of these tasks themselves where possible. This makes running projects faster, more direct and more efficient for partners and there is more room for customer service from our account managers. This is therefore one of our basic principles for the new IT platform. The new IT platform offers our partners the opportunity to set up and manage all projects from start to finish. For example, they can invite participants themselves, send and maintain e-mails and reminders, assign reports (including the desired content and colours of pillars), etc. In addition, it is also fully prepared for security, encryption and making all data interactive. future.
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General questions:

  • What tasks can I perform on the platform? The main functions of the platform are sending out questionnaires, collecting their results and converting them into reports and data visualisations. Around this are many tasks related to organising the participants, managing projects, managing your own organisation within the platform, and viewing usage. etc.
  • In which languages is the platform available? At the moment the platform is only available in English. The Dutch version is coming. Other languages can also be added by popular demand.
  • How do we deal with GDPR? We follow GDPR legislation and will immediately notify both the GDPR and our customers and partners in the event of any violation.
  • What are the costs of the platform? 79.95 per year. This investment is used for data storage and online security.

Transition questions:

  • Will my current data be transferred to the new platform? All data, not older than 24 months, is transferred from the old platform to the new platform. No permission is required for this.
  • When should I switch to the new platform? From April 4, all our partners will have the opportunity to gradually transition to the new platform. Naturally, the Human Insight team is available during this period for support in setting up and guiding processes where our assessments are used by you.
  • When will the old platform disappear? June 30, 2022 is the last day that the old platform can be used. From July 1, 2022, the old platform will no longer work.

Other questions:

  • Is there a time when I can ask my questions about the IT platform? In the coming months we will be organising a number of Q&A IT platform sessions in which you can ask all your questions about the platform. Click the button below for available dates.
  • Where should I go if my question is not listed here? Please contact Human Insight via or call 085-8229827.