Leadership development

How to improve your leadership skills for better performance.

Effective leadership helps you get the most out of yourself and your team. This, in turn, positively impacts the organisation as a whole. According to our vision, there are three fundamental building blocks which are required for sustainable and successful leadership development. These resolve around personal leadership, team development and organisational development.

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What is leadership development?

Leadership development is about the growth we experience and it makes us, our teams and entire organisations function better.

Developing the leadership profile needed for your organisation has positive effects on strategy execution, dynamics and the desired culture within it. In addition, developing the desired leadership style allows you to take charge of your career; now and in the future.

Focus on interactions and dynamics

According to a study by David Lewis and Alison Reynolds in Harvard Business Review, investing in leadership development programmes improves your organisations performance.

This is partly due to the fact that effective leaders create a high level of psychological safety in teams, which makes it easier for employees to deal with new and complex situations. In addition, better leaders increase engagement, which in turn leads to more productivity within an organisation.

Fundamental elements for developing leadership

The 3 elements below are fundamental to the development of effective leadership skills:

  • Personal leadership
    A sustainable and resilient leadership culture starts with personal leadership. You develop personal leadership by discovering your personal skills, goals and pitfalls. When you consciously give direction to your own career and life, you can also manage others more effectively.
  • Leadership and teams
    You never lead alone. What defines your team’s leadership style, how do your leaders deal with the complexity of different dynamics within teams and how can you efficiently lead self-managed teams?
  • Leadership & the organisation
    In a constantly changing world where hybrid working is increasingly becoming the norm, teams are becoming more independent by the day. This requires flexible leadership driven by a clear vision. How do you take your organisation through these transitions, innovations and cultural changes?

Dynamics and interactions

Develop skills as a leader responsible for creating an environment in which others can work well.

Psychological safety

Foster a safe working environment where others feel safe to express themselves and be who they are.

High-performing teams

Learn to work on self-management and create High Performing Teams through situational leadership.

Personal leadership style

Map your leadership style with our scientific tool, the AEM-Cube to stimulate change and growth.

Leadership development programmes from Human Insight

Human Insight offers various courses, training sessions and workshops in order to develop the right leadership skills. With means to fit each unique situation and all employees, whether you are an HR manager, L&D director or an entire team within an organisation, all these programs are tailor-made, specifically for you. As a result of the high level of customisation, the right leadership skills can be developed for every situation.

In order to get a better understanding, take a look at our offer below, or contact us for tailor-made programmes.

Leadership development training

We have developed various leadership training courses that help individuals, teams and organisations cultivate and foster resilient leadership.
Through blended learning, 360° feedback assessments are created and personalised coaching programmes are developed.

Themes covered during this training:

  • Leadership & you
  • Leadership & teams
  • Leadership & the organisation

Tools and frameworks for leadership development

In our leadership development trainings and workshops, we use various scientifically based strategic frameworks and tools.

One of these frameworks is our infamous AEM-Cube® assessment. The AEM-Cube is based on more than 20 years of research and maps how people naturally deal with change and growth, where their personal qualities lie and what motivates them.

In addition to the AEM-Cube, our in-house developed Quality of Interaction tool measures the quality of interaction within your team or organisation, identifying which behaviours are productive and which should be let go of, helping you reach your goals efficiently.


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