Strategic Diversity

Strategic Diversity​

Diversity, an important and sensitive topic in the current climate. In addition to ethnic, geographical and age diversity, strategic diversity is also very important.
Strategic diversity, also called the strategic use of cognitive diversity, focuses on the difference in how people think and process information. Good strategic diversity within an organisation can ensure that team members challenge and complement each other. It provides more angles and more understanding for each other’s ideas.
Based on more than 30 years of research, we know that organisations, especially teams, benefit from strategic diversity within teams when solving complex challenges.
What distinguishes us from others: based on science and numbers, trackable progression and results, people-related effects and low effort, high impact.

Talent development

We believe that people are naturally eager to learn and want to develop. Our insights help them to discover their full potential and connect this to strategy.


Our insights ensure that organisations have continuous insight into team performance, diversity and contributions. This allows organisations to (continue to) build sustainable teams.

Measurable diversity

Our tools and insights make strategic diversity measurable. On the basis of this, teams and organisations can be better classified.

Performance improvement

We help organisations to align strategy with people and team, which will improve individual, team and organisational performance.


Wij geloven dat mensen van nature leergierig zijn en zich willen ontwikkelen. Onze inzichten helpen hen om hun volledige potentieel te ontdekken en dit te verbinden aan strategie.


Onze inzichten zorgen dat organisaties continu inzicht hebben in teamperformance, diversiteit en bijdragen. Hiermee kunnen organisaties duurzame teams (blijven) bouwen.

Meetbare diversiteit

Dankzij onze tools en inzichten wordt strategische diversiteit meetbaar. Aan de hand daarvan kunnen teams en organisaties beter ingedeeld worden.


Wij helpen organisaties bij het afstemmen van strategie op mens en team, waardoor individuele, team- en organisatieprestaties zullen verbeteren.

Strategic Diversity

A pitfall for leaders is the natural tendency to select people with the same way of thinking or processing information. We often tend to choose someone who has many similarities with us, rather than someone from whom we differ a lot. Awareness of this is step 1. The next step is: how do we ensure that we let go of this natural way of acting?
More than 30 years of research have shown that teams that are more strategically diverse can more easily handle complex situations in uncertain or rapidly changing times.
The three teams that completed the challenge in good time (teams A, B, and C) all had diversity in both knowledge processes and perspective, as evidenced by a larger standard deviation. The three that took longer or did not complete (D, E, and F) all had less diversity, as evidenced by a lower standard deviation. (HBR, 2018)

Our vision

Exploit and manage the natural contribution of others. That is the core concept of strategic diversity. Our approach helps organisations, teams and individuals understand their natural contribution to executing a strategy. Is there a clear alignment between people’s talents and what we ask of them to do for us? Managing strategic diversity will help to:
  • Get a better alignment within a team;
  • Gain clear understanding of team dynamics and areas of performance;
  • Align organisational strategy with people and team;
  • Better performance by managing complex collaborations using a simple framework.

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