Talent Result Scan

Aligning talent with your organisation’s performance areas

We would like to introduce you to the Talent Result Scan Mural. This is an addition to the AEM-Cube. The AEM-Cube offers insight in the natural contribution of people. You want to use this natural contribution in practice, to let the right people contribute optimally to the goals of an organisation. Our Talent Result Scan connects to this. It gives you the opportunity to make the natural contribution of people practical in an interactive way.

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What is the Talent Result Scan?

Just like participants, result areas can also be plotted by using the AEM-Cube thought process. The Talent Result Scan takes the participants into the process. Within that process, the contribution of the participant and the result areas are plotted on the AEM-Cube axes.

Questions like: ‘What are the employee’s tasks in a day’ and ‘what gives him/her energy’ are central. By looking at the result areas in this practical way, you can ensure, by means of the Talent Result Scan and the appropriate facilitation, that the right people are in the right place. At the same time, you let talent come into its own within the relevant functions.

Talent Result Scan
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Combine insights

The AEM-Cube and also the Talent Result Scan connect seamlessly with our other tool, namely the RPA-Cube. The RPA-Cube stands for Result Positioning Area, or in other words mapping out the result areas of a function/job. It is used as a strategic assessment that provides insight into the result areas of a team or a function. The RPA-Cube is, among other things, used to guide questions about inflow, through-flow or turnover and to describe new or existing functions.

Insights for HR and management

  • Insights into strategic human resource planning;
  • Possible causes of burn-out;
  • More effective flow of employees;
  • More efficient recruitment and selection procedures.

The RPA-Cube is thus used to create a shared understanding of the result areas that are necessary to optimally implement an organisation’s strategy. It is the follow-up to the Talent Result Scan including extensive reporting.

Costs Talent Result Scan

The Talent Result Scan and the Mural can be used for an amount of € 80,- that is charged as a monthly fee. This investment provides access to the Mural and the use of the platform.

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