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Human Insight connects people and strategy. Our vision is that people worldwide can achieve more if they prioritise, communicate and collaborate better. We help them do that.

Our team works with organisations and analyses the strengths of teams and individuals within them. We combine these insights and map out strategic goals. This makes it possible to implement targeted, concrete tactics and strategies, mitigate risks and make the most of opportunities.

Every organisation is unique, just like every team and individual. We opt for a personal approach and therefore start by talking to you. That way, we determine how and where we can best help and support the growth of your organisation.

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Our mission
Building an ecosystem with desired behaviours

Our mission

Every day, our team helps organisations, individuals and teams build an ecosystem with desired behaviours.

We do this together with an active global network of consultants, coaches, educators and researchers. This is how Human Insight contributes to more successful organisations worldwide. In our ideal world, everyone deploys natural talents and contributions at the right stage and in the right place within an organisation. And this is exactly what we are good at!

We believe that you don't create success alone, success is created together.

This is what we believe in

We believe that you don’t create success alone, success is created together. That is why we are here for organisations that dare to change, dare to improve and dare to innovate. And for teams and individuals who want to move forward, grow, improve or excel. We combine scientific research and insights with coaching and guidance. In addition, we help you find and use the potential within your organisation.

Creating success

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Every day, over 25 professionals from The Hague (Netherlands) work passionately on the growth and transition of organisations, teams and individuals as well as their personal contribution.

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We help people execute by identifying strategic priorities and challenges.

How do we do this?

We do what we are good at and follow our own dreams and ambition. We call on organisations, teams and individuals to do the same. We do this with a range of practical web-based tools and solutions aimed at sustainable growth and performance.

‘Better prioritising, communicating and collaborating: in short, executing strategy efficiently. That’s where we help organisations.’

We map strategic priorities and challenges and, using insights and useful tools, we build the execution culture. We identify the key result areas within your organisation and link the right people to them. Then we will optimise behaviours and collaborations. And finally, we put all these insights into practice.

Strategy execution

Building an ecosystem with desired behaviours


Identify strategic priorities and challenges.

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Aligning people and key result areas.

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Building an effective execution culture.

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Strategic Growth Scan

Putting all the insights gained into practice.

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Optimising behaviours and collaborations.

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Identify key result areas.

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