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About us

At Human Insight, we are all about connecting people and strategy. Our insights from assessments enable organisations to link human potential to strategy, allowing talents to be better deployed to achieve results.

Our team works closely with organisations and analyses the strengths and natural contribution of teams and individuals. We believe in a personal approach and always start with a conversation to determine how we can best help and support the growth of your organisation.

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We do what we do best: connecting people to strategy in order to optimise strategy execution as a result. We do this by deploying a series of practical science-based assessments.

Using these assessments, we map your staff, their skills and natural contributions, and link these to the key result areas within your organisation.

The practical insights we gain from our assessments provide the right tools to optimise behaviours and collaborations.

Would you like to know which strategic issues our assessments and toolings can be used for? Take a look at some common issues we can help you with!

Who are we there for?

Human Insight is there for individuals teams and organisations of all sizes.

We help them function better with our tooling and assessments. Together with our client or partner, we examine what the strategic priorities are and whether the right resources are in place to execute this efficiently.

Do you want to know whether you have the right people in the right place to achieve results? Get in touch with us.

Tools & Assessments

Human Insight supports organisations, teams and individuals in their challenges with insights gained through the deployment of our strategic tools and assessments. Our tools are ideally suited to various complex and strategic issues. View our strategic tools and assessments for more information.


Aligning people and key result areas.

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Building an effective execution culture.

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Identify key result areas.

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Identify strategic priorities and challenges.

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Optimising behaviours and collaborations.

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Strategic Growth Scan

Putting all the insights gained into practice.

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Talent Result Scan

Make your people's natural contributions practical.

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Our mission

Our mission is clear: we strive to align the unique talents of individuals with meaningful work, creating a harmonious synergy that promotes both personal and organisational performance.

Every day, our team helps organisations, individuals and teams build an ecosystem with the optimal staffing and culture, which includes:

Human Insight’s team does this through an active global network of consultants, coaches, educators and researchers, through which we contribute to more successful organisations worldwide. 

In our ideal world, everyone puts natural talents and contributions in the right place within an organisation. That is what we are good at!

What we believe

At Human Insight, we believe that success is not created alone, but together. That is why we are here for organisations that dare to change, improve and innovate, and for teams and individuals who want to move forward, grow, get better and excel.

Our assessments link scientific research and insights with coaching and guidance to discover and harness the potential within your organisation.

Our approach is unique because we use scientifically validated assessments to provide insights that connect people’s natural contributions to strategies.

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Every day, over 25 professionals from the Hague (the Netherlands) work passionately on the growth and transition of individuals, teams and organisations as well as their personal contribution.

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