Strategic Diversity

Measure and improve cognitive diversity in the workplace

Diversity, an important and also sensitive topic in the current climate. Besides ethnic, geographical and age diversity, strategic and cognitive diversity is also very important. How can cognitive diversity benefit businesses? Good strategic diversity in the workplace ensures that team members become more creative, but they also challenge and complement each other. In short: diversity in a team ultimately ensures that the strategy can be implemented more efficiently.

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How cognitive diversity corelates to strategic diversity

Strategic diversity, also called strategic use of cognitive diversity, focuses on the difference in how people think and process information. A high level of diversity within the team allows for more perspectives and understanding of each other’s ideas. Teams are more creative and solve problems more easily. More diversity in teams also creates loyalty and satisfaction among employees, which leads to higher psychological safety. Have you already included strategic diversity in your diversity policy?

"A diversity policy is made to recognise and value the differences between employees. These differences are used efficiently in order to jointly implement an organisation's strategy and goals. This policy is part of your diversity strategy, in which strategic diversity is getting more and more important.”

Talent development

We believe that people are naturally eager to learn and want to develop. Our insights help them to discover their full potential and connect this to strategy.


Our insights ensure that organisations have continuous insight into team performance, diversity and contributions. This allows organisations to (continue to) build sustainable teams.

Measure diversity​

Our tools and insights make strategic diversity measurable. On the basis of this, teams and organisations can be better classified.

Performance improvement ​

We help organisations to align strategy with people and team, which will improve individual, team and organisational performance.

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Cognitive diversity in the workplace

In an organisation with a good diversity policy, the qualities and talents of employees are better brought out. These organisations are also better at recruiting a more diverse workforce. This in order to promote equality and diversity in the workplace. Still, striving for diversity in a team turns out to be difficult. Organisations often do not know exactly how to implement a diversity strategy correctly.

Research on strategic diversity

Based on more than 30 years of research on diversity within teams, several insights have been gained. It has been shown that organisations, especially teams, benefit from strategic diversity within teams when solving complex challenges.

How does cognitive diversity affect problem solving?

Teams with high levels of cognitive diversity solve problems faster. Why this is so, you will discover in the research on Harvard Business Review. Using the AEM-Cube, it measures strategic diversity within teams and organisations.

How to manage diversity in teams?

There are different strategies for managing diversity in the workplace. First you have to think about how to implement a diversity policy and what is important for you, your team and organisation. After that you need to look at how to maintain, assess and track diversity in the workplace.

A pitfall for leaders is the natural tendency to select people with the same way of thinking or processing information. We often tend to choose someone who has many similarities with us, rather than someone from whom we differ a lot. Awareness of this is step one. The next step is: how do we ensure that we let go of this natural way of acting?

More than 30 years of research have shown that teams that are more strategically diverse can more easily handle complex situations in uncertain or rapidly changing times.

How to increase diversity in recruitment

Most organisations include more strategic diversity in the workplace in their diversity policy. After all, it has its advantages. But you won’t reap these benefits if you don’t know how to recruit diverse staff and what to look for in recruitment and selection.

It is important to first find out who is in your current team and how they deal with growth and change, among other things. Then you can look at what areas you are missing and what type of people they are.

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Leverage and manage the natural contribution of others. That is the core concept of diversity.

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Cognitive diversity is including people in your team or organisation that have a different way of thinking and different views and ideas.
Another way of addressing cognitive diversity is neurodiversity.

It is possible to measure cognitive diversity within teams and organisations.

We can help you with measuring this by using the AEM-Cube.

The AEM-Cube measures how people approach topics like change and growth and how they think and behave. It’s a great assessment that gives great insights in the level of cognitive diversity.

After measuring the level of cognitive diversity you will gain enough insights to effectively improve this in your workplace.

Harvard Business Review did a research on ‘How cognitive diversity affects problem solving’. According to this study teams with higher level of cognitive diversity were able to solve problems up to three times faster when solving complex challenges.

Other things that stood out were their ways of processing knowledge and perspective. They scored a lot better than teams with low diversity.

You can find this research, supported by our AEM-Cube, below:

Research ‘Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse’ (HBR)

A higher level of cognitive diversity benefits a team or organisation in many ways. Not only they solve problems faster, teams become more creative and they tend to look at the bigger picture. It also boosts team performance and often the way people are feeling in teams.

Human Insight offers practical insights and tools to help you measure and increase strategic diversity in your workplace.

When looking at strategic diversity you look at the level of cognitive differences in teams. These differences need to be managed in a proper way to make the most use of talents and ways of thinking of people.

Human Insight can assist you in measuring the level of currect diversity and how to implement this correctly in your strategy so you can close strategy execution gaps and create high performing teams.

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One of the tools we offer to measure and support strategic diversity is the AEM-Cube. 

This assessment maps out how people naturally approach and respond to change and growth. 

By filling in a cognitive diversity questionairre we receive different insights in behaviours and emotions, that can be used as conversation starter. It also give insights in what and where unused talents are and how to link this to your strategy. 

Check out our AEM-Cube brochure for more information about this assessment.