Growing from start-up to scale-up

How do you successfully scale up and grow?

Scaling up your business is exciting, especially if you want to grow from start-up to scale-up. Did you know that around 90 percent of start-ups don’t make it? That’s a lot. Human Insight offers practical insights and tools to determine what stage of growth your start-up or scale-up is in and prepare you for the challenges ahead. We combine this with insights on desirable and current team qualities to optimise team performance and create autonomous and flexible teams.

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When is it time to scale up?

Scaling up your business: when is it the right time to do this? Growing from start-up to scale-up comes with many challenges. Because a lot of start-ups fail, it’s important to be aware of the challenges that come with the next phase of growth.

Besides your awareness of the challenges you can expect, it is important to assess whether your start-up is ready to scale up in the first place. Human Insight can shed a light on the current phase of growth, revealing the next phase which is coming up.

Measuring the growth phase

We have developed a tool to give start-ups and scale-ups insight into the current growth phase their company is in. This clarifies what the next phase will be and which challenges will accompany it. In this way, we can efficiently assess whether this is the right time for your company to scale up. We call this tool the Growth Curve.

Planning on going from start-up to scale-up? By picturing future strategic objectives and issues as a company, Human Insight helps scale-up organisations to set these ambitious objectives with a focus on facilitating the human side of growth.

Improving performance

We offer an insight into team qualities and help shape a clear performance framework so that your team can function optimally.

Growth mindset culture

We help create the same growth mindset in your people and reveal which talents the company needs to scale up to the next level.

Flexible teams

We help teams respond to transitions and change due to growth by providing individual skillset insights, which shed a light on the ‘gaps’ within the team and organisation.

From start-up to scale-up: What will we work on?

To transition successfully from start-up to scale-up, there are several issues within the company that need to be given attention.

Improving performance

Improving performance or performance management starts at the top, because new times also require a new form of leadership. Your focus should be on the levels of work-related happiness of individuals within your start-up or scale-up. 

We believe in working together and looking for connections. What is needed, who is working on what and how can you as an organisation support the further development of individuals within your team?

Mission-Driven priorities approach

To improve performance, it is important to make clear analyses of your workforce. This allows you to then link talent to results. Human Insight guides teams and individuals in their transition towards the future. To do this, we use a process technique called Mission-Driven Priorities.

Using our tools and guidance in the form of workshops, combined with this technique, we offer a clear insight into the talents within your organisation. In addition, we help you discover how to best deploy and use that talent. It also creates clarity about the division of roles and tasks, promotes connection, succession planning and improves performance and team development. We support you throughout the process with personal guidance and coaching.

Growth mindset culture

A growing company is constantly dealing with change. The definition of a growth mindset culture is a culture of learning, in which improvements are continuously being made. In a growth mindset culture, employees are seen as individuals with potential and value. They are recognised and valued for their (personal) development. 

They are also encouraged to keep developing. A growth mindset only works when all layers within an organisation contribute to it. This is necessary to inspire and teach others. However, bear in mind that a growth mindset is not an immediate change but a continuous process.

Strategic Growth Scan

With the Strategic Growth Scan, we map the current mindset, common language, flexibility and performance. We also analyse how your people deal with change. This is a practical and visual framework.

With this scan, our tools and concepts, we can identify talents within an organisation, as well as the possible gaps, the culture, internal processes and more. Thanks to this information, we can then create a common language and mindset for your organisation together.

Flexible teams

How flexible are your teams within the organisation? Flexibility or agility is about the extent to which an organisation is able to innovate and respond to new developments or a change in direction. Working in different teams brings challenges. These are challenges related to leadership, management, project management, team dynamics, collaboration and performance delivery.

Creating flexible teams starts with clear communication. Unfortunately, it is still often the case that teams do not use their individual talents and thus miss out on opportunities and challenges.

Cognitive diversity within teams

Years of research reveal the importance of cognitive diversity within teams. Our research shows start-ups or scale-ups what the strengths and challenges are within their team. This is how flexible and autonomous teams are developed.

Our research on cognitive diversity within teams, which resulted in a publication in Harvard Business Review, has shown that different flexible teams deliver a better performance. By understanding individual talents, strengths, challenges and diversity, we can make teams flexible and resilient to change. This can support strategic growth, which in turn is something that will support your scale-up in the next phase of growth.

Our service

To successfully grow from start-up to scale-up and scale your business without problems, our service focuses on a number of elements. Through insights, tools, coaching and advice, we can help your business get to the next phase of growth.

Managing growth​

How key stakeholders impact the system: the organisation. A clear contextual framework of how different organisational components are intertwined and influence each other and what to do about this for further professionalisation.

Shared vision

A clear vision widely shared by an entrepreneur and his colleagues. Create a mission-driven organisation with clear result areas and clear objectives.

Mental models

Understand each other's ways of reasoning, behaviours and routines that we bring to work as human beings. How does this impact how we work together and collectively solve complex problems?

Team development

Empower colleagues by better understanding each other and leveraging each other's natural contributions. Create better collaborations and develop performance-oriented behaviours that allow teams to perform better.

Personal growth

Lifelong learning starts with investing in your colleagues and being challenged through self-reflection, coaching and development to facilitate individual professional growth.

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