Custom Survey as a Service

Custom surveys to help you to understand the behaviour and culture in your organisation.

What drives your people and what makes your company culture unique? At Human Insight we understand that sometimes an existing questionnaire does not cut the mustard. And that you are interested in creating a custom survey to measure what makes your people tick and what you can do to support them in their endeavours to grow the business. That’s why we created Survey as a Service.

Interested in learning how our custom-made surveys can help you grow your business?

What is Survey as a Service?

Over the last three decades, Human Insight has developed extensive knowledge on the topic of developing questionnaires, analysing data and creating workshops that facilitate organisational development. That is why we offer you the opportunity to create your own survey.

Different surveys for different industries

Due to our broad experiences we know how to measure complex topics for different industries. This range goes from questionnaires for organisational growth untill the happiness or stress level of employees.

You can also use our custom made surveys in universities or schools to learn more about the development of students or in health care, to understand where chances of innovation might lie.

Benefits of questionnaires in research

Developing custom surveys with our Survey as a Service comes with many benefits. These include gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of your organisation and unpicking which behaviours can help your organisation and the people in it thrive. 

Benefits of Survey as a Service:

Annual pulse

Create pulse measurements by checking in with your people to maintain a healthy work environment. Our annual pulse measurement surveys help people, organisations' stakeholders to manage areas of focus and results and provide clear insights on the elements that drive or slow down growth.

Performance related surveys

Investigate the key performance indicators that make your organisation unique. Ask your employees if these performance areas are clear and what their perceptions are regarding execution power. Think of a competency assessment survey, performance reviews or feedback surveys for your employees.

Team performance questionnaires

Our work is structured more and more within teams, such as project teams, multidisciplinary teams and cross functional teams, but what is the quality of interaction within these teams? This information is ideal to measure the outcomes of team performance and dynamics and to provide the necessary input to develop where needed.

People analytics and
culture assessment

People working together showcase behaviours, habits and routines. Together these interactions create a company culture. Being aware of this culture and shaping it together so that it aligns with the overall strategy execution of the company is what we are looking for when utilising these specific assessments.


Every organisation is riddled with challenges due to the scaling of the organisation, rapid growth and onboarding of new talent. Helping you to create a bespoke assessment that measures the challenges at hand so you can invest in your people or make the right decision to develop other areas is key. That’s why theme-based assessments are built in conjunction with you to fit the needs of your organisation and people.

Turnkey survey development, research and data analysis

A questionnaire is a method of data collection. Developing qualitative and robust questionnaires is an art and can be very time-consuming. Especially when it comes down to creating scientifically validated assessments that measure certain constructs. 

Human Insight offers you the Survey as a Service to create a survey that measures elements that are bespoke for your organisation. In conjunction with you, we guide you through a process of research, item development, survey testing, data collection, data analysis, report development and creating meaningful workshops and engagements for your people.

Advantages of custom surveys?
Measure more than just engagement

Going deeper than engagement and uncovering where performance and culture meet. That is exactly what every organisation is trying to achieve and uses different research methods, tools, and assessments to do. 

Our three decades of experience in building, and testing hypotheses for organisations have helped us to create a simple-to-follow process that will help you to uncover what makes up your unique organisation DNA.

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Do you know what you want to measure, but haven’t yet found a questionnaire that suits your needs? Or would you like to learn in consultation what you need to measure in order to work towards better performance? Learn more about Survey as a Service. 

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