Case Studies

Linking people to strategy

By Karina Steens in collaboration with Paul van Geyt

Senior leaders and team leaders cope with a lot of challenges. A McKinsey’s survey article in 2010 describes how many leaders lack the skills needed to deal with the dynamics which undermine organisational performance and team performance.¹

In 2011, our business partners Paul Van Geyt and Filip Fiers set up a process-oriented and tailor-made team approach. It combined the insights from the organisational strategy with a practical methodology that made its way at that time in the US.

¹McKinsey Quarterly, How centered leaders achieve extraordinary results, 2010, McKinsey & Company

Untapped potential of the IT department

By Charlotte Picavet in collaboration with Tabitha Scott

Due to the corona pandemic, Tractor Supply Company was faced with a challenge: to provide the same quality of service for their customers, but now online instead of in real life. Home deliveries and customer interaction that normally took place in-store were now incorporated into a new mobile application designed by their in-house IT team.

After evaluation, it appeared from the customers that the user experience was not optimal, mainly in the field of interface and design. These were unexpected results, considering the expertise and capabilities of the IT team. So why did it go wrong?

The penny dropped

By Emma Makkink in collaboration with Greg Elton

After working with the company about three years before, they reapproached our partner: a few months ago, following the nuclear site recruiting, a new station director was put in place. During the three years prior, changes had taken place in the executive and leadership team.

Although the company’s site is performing well, over the next few years they are driving towards being the global benchmark for the company’s sites. Therefore, they had a great need to drive improvement, and a need for cultural and organisational change: very exploratory elements. However, some of that has been unsuccessful in the past, and the new site director was determined to understand why that was the case.