Serious Games

Improving performance with business games

At Human Insight, we offer clients and partners an interactive way to work on issues such as performance, training knowledge and skills or improving collaborations. We do this by offering various business games/serious games that support various complex issues.

Behaviour change through business games

Business games (also known as serious games) are games where entertainment is not the ultimate goal, but have a learning objective. Thus, Human Insight’s serious business games can be used to bring about behavioural change or to train complex issues.

The function of our games is to raise awareness and transfer knowledge to employees in a fun but instructive way. With serious games, or business games, you learn to improve the performance of your team and company in an interactive way.

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Business game: Quality of Interaction

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We have a wide range of business games and interactive workshops. These are intended to solve strategic issues within your organisation in an interactive and fun way. We use various tools and training courses for this.

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Serious games are games designed with a learning objective such as training knowledge and skills. These types of games can be played online but also offline.

Business games and serious games are terms used interchangeably.

Both are games with a learning objective.

With our business games, you bring about behavioural change in a positive way. It has a positive impact on the human learning process and ensures a higher level of engagement.

Do you want to combine our business games with training courses? Then you have even more impact.

At Human Insight, we offer several business games.

An example of such a game is our Quality of Interaction Card Game. This is playable offline. It provides insight into behaviours and routines within teams and how to improve them.

Other examples of games offer insight and support on leadership issues, optimising performance or improving internal communication, among others.