Use the power of your organisational culture for healthy sustainable growth and performance

Strategic responsiveness and change readiness are two indispensable concepts within today’s market. These pillars contribute to sustainable growth and the achievement of strategic goals. Our ACT-Cube is an assessment tool that maps your organisational culture, together with strategic responsiveness and change readiness.

The ACT-Cube in short

The ACT-Cube is used to understand the power of cooperation between different teams and business units. It also reveals growing pains within the organisation. Based on three dimensions, change readiness and strategic responsiveness are operationalised. Both essential for achieving strategic objectives.

Change readiness is the result of a dynamic pattern of various positive interactions. These interactions are measured by the Consistency dimension. Strategic responsiveness is reflected in the other dimensions: Attachment and Time. To what extent do we attach to content or relationship development and to what extent is the focus on the past or the future?


The ACT-Cube in practice

The ACT-Cube helps establish a dialogue on the strategic contributions of business units and the execution consistency of their key performance indicators. Mapping the strategic contributions of collaborating business units provides useful insights into the status of your organisation’s value chain. The ACT-Cube provides insights into:

The power of the organisational culture and the strategic growth challenges from the perspective of the organisational value chain;

The strategic diversity to create consensus on what is needed to achieve strategic objectives;

The suboptimal team performance and how to improve it to facilitate e ective team dynamics and growth;

How to connect strategy with a clear framework that everyone within the organisation can work with;

Identify potential weak spots in the organisational culture and tackle them before they damage and/or derail it.

The ACT-Cube for business units

Insight into collaboration patterns for performance.

For business units, the ACT-Cube maps out which behaviours occur and whether these behaviours are capable of actual performance. It also identifies the expected contribution of a business unit and its actual contribution to foresee any challenges.


The ACT-Cube for organisations

Achieving the strategic objectives.

At an organisational level, the ACT-Cube has insight into where the strength lies within the organisational culture. It also reveals what is needed for organisational dynamics to achieve sustainable growth. In addition, the ACT-Cube visualises the strategic diversity within the organisation based on the organisational culture.

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What can the ACT-Cube do for you?

The ACT-Cube facilitates and optimises collaboration between teams to enable clear strategic conversations. This strategic tool creates awareness about how business units, teams or departments currently work together. It gives insight in how this can be improved. The ACT-Cube looks at different behaviours and how they can contribute to the organisation’s overall performance and strategy.

The ACT-Cube in practice

The video below briefly explains what the ACT-Cube is and what this assessment tool can be used for.

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Case study

Check out our case study below. It’s a short case on the implementation of the ACT-Cube within organisations.

ACT-cube® - instant organisational diagnosis

“The ACT-Cube is ideal for extracting the problem areas in any highly complex system and making the problems easily accessible. It provides organisations with a quick way to diagnose where problems between groups lie and how to solve them almost immediately. “

– Prof. Peter Robertson, M.D. & Prof. dr. Wouter Schoonman

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