Certification training & workshops

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Are you interested in getting started with one of our tools? Then the certification training is the place to start. Learn about the importance of strategic diversity in teams and how to put organisational ecology into practice.

As a certified, you are part of our international network of coaches and consultants and you have access to in-depth masterclasses and Practitioner Workshops.

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Position talent for success and strengthen strategic diversity within your organisation.

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Use the power of your organisational culture for healthy sustainable growth and performance.

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Connect the right result areas to the right people.

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Qi Index

Strengthen psychological safety and strategic diversity in your organisation.

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What can you expect?

Human Insight’s certification training consists of three parts. Read below what you can expect.

Part 1: Theory

The first part of the training consists of theory.

  • Live training in two online sessions
  • Live training in one training day on location
  • Online self-study at the Human Insight Academy (AEM-Cube)
  • Time investment of approx. 8 hours

Part 2: Practice

The second part of the training consists of practice.

  • Facilitate your own team session as a pilot project
  • Time investment of about 5-8 hours spread over a few weeks

Part 3: Evaluation

The last part of the training consists of evaluation.

  • Reflection on the learning experience and the pilot project.
  • Time investment of approx. 2 hours

Costs of our Certification Training

The price for the certification is € 1750,- for the AEM-Cube and € 1250,- for the ACT-Cube, RPA-Cube or Qi Index and includes:

  • Support consisting of a contact person at Human Insight, Q&A sessions, and the Supporting Materials module at the Human Insight Academy;
  • AEM-Cube – Up to 10 items and one team image to use for the pilot project*
    ACT-Cube – 10 ACT-Cube questionnaires and 1 management report for the pilot project*
    RPA-Cube – One RPA-Cube assessment
    Qi Index – Up to 10 items (10 current or 5 current and 5 desired) and 1 report;
  • An official certificate upon completion**.

*exclusively to be used for the pilot project and must be purchased in one application. The team image is either one overview of self-images or one combined overview with self-images and feedback images (if it is an AEM-Cube 360). The items and team image for the pilot project expire 6 months after the live training day or the second online theory session, or 9 months after registration at the Academy for online self-study.

**We use a PE (Permanent Education) System so that all certified practitioners can work according to the latest insights and we can continue to guarantee the quality of feedback. 

Workshops and training​

Workshop Leadership in Complex Times

Human Insight offers various workshops and pathways that HR managers, L&D directors, entire teams or just individuals within organisations, among others, can go through to develop leadership. Our training and courses are tailor-made to ensure the right leadership skills are applied to each situation.