The RPA-Cube

Connect the right result areas to the right people

The RPA-Cube stands for Result Positioning Area. It is a strategic assessment that provides insight into the result areas of a team or a function. It is used, among other things, to guide issues about intake, transit or turnover and to describe new or existing positions. For HR and management, it provides insight into strategic personnel planning, possible causes of burnouts, more effective employee turnover and more efficient recruitment and selection procedures.
The RPA-Cube is thus used to create a common understanding of the result areas that are required to optimally implement an organisation’s strategy. The RPA-Cube can be used to define clear goals for a particular business unit and align them with the natural contributions of individuals.

RPA-Cube in brief​

    • A three-dimensional tool to map the intended result areas of individual professional functions, business units or project teams.
    • As a variant of the AEM-Cube®, it is based on the same scientific basis and can therefore be used perfectly together with the AEM-Cube. In other words: the RPA-Cube shows which result areas are expected from a function and the AEM-Cube shows who naturally contributes to those result areas.
    • The RPA-Cube can be optimally used for internal use within organisations, for example by the HR department, or by consultants who help organisations with recruitment and development processes.
    • The RPA-Cube is used, among other things, for onboarding new talent, matching a position with an applicant and determining which team or which business unit will be assigned a strategic goal.

RPA-Cube in practice

    • The RPA-Cube has a value-free character. It aims to bring together the result areas and strategic objectives of a team or function and to link the right result areas to the right people.
    • The self-image provides insight into how someone in a certain position sees the different aspects of his/her profession. An eventual feedback-image analyses how other people within the company assess the goals of a specific function, business unit or team.
    • The RPA-Cube helps to answer the questions: are the result areas of a team or function in line with the strategic goals? Are the right people in the right place to optimally implement the result areas?


“Breathing new life into any company is not a mystery, it is just a matter of finding and deploying energy. Once an organisation understands what energises its employees, it can tap into the under-used  potential to continue or regain succes. We did that with the help of Human Insight, and the AEM-Cube is ideally suited to help provide teams and people the insights into what drives them to perform.”

– Tabitha Scott

The RPA-Cube in practice

The video below briefly explains what the RPA-Cube is and what this tool can be used for.

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