The History of Human Insight​

Since 1980, Human Insight has been on a mission to help individuals, teams and organisations contribute optimally to strategy execution.

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How it all started

Human Insight opened its doors in 2000, but the research and development of its strategic assessment and framework began back in the 1980s. The founding partner, Peter Robertson, began his research while working for KPMG. He researched how people can best contribute to strategy execution. In the following years, the research insights led to the development of a range of diagnostic tools in the form of various assessments.

In the late 1990s, one of the diagnostic tools (the AEM-Cube® assessment) gained a lot of traction within KPMG. Particularly among a group of consultants supervising change and transformation assignments. In particular, the diagnostic tools were used during the merger between HP and Compaq, KPN and Getronics, and many other organisation development projects or mergers.

The founding of Human Insight

In early 2000, the company Human Insight was founded with headquarters in London. The team consisted of management consultants and was led by Rick Price. Human Insight’s main focus was to guide organisations through their transformation and growth process and manage the very people side of this transition well.


From consulting to training

In parallel with its own use of the assessments, Human Insight developed certification training courses in 2002. This enabled employees of companies and other consulting professionals to use the assessments and insights gained from them within organisations. In the Netherlands, GITP, an assessment organisation, also became a business partner and certified user of the tool.

Other clients included British Telecom, Prudential, KPN and Getronics and Heineken.

From 2002 to 2015, Human Insight grew internationally with certified practitioners around the world. From 2015, the organisation took the next step its own Growth-Curve and managed to engage London Business School, Nyenrode Business University, Purdue University and Ashridge Business University, among others, as business partners.

In 2015, Richard Robertson and Sebastian Hamers joined the organisation as partners and owners. They developed an online platform that enables anyone anywhere in the world to use Human Insight’s assessments as well as to train anyone online in the use and application of the assessments. They brought about a digital transformation of the company.

History Human Insight 1980/2015

Impact of Brexit

Due to Brexit, the headquarters moved from London to The Hague in 2018. In the same year, the certification process was digitised and offered online under the banner of the “Academy“.

The Academy is an online platform that includes certification training as well as online modules covering a wider range of topics on organisational development. An insight into the use of the assessments, the analysis of the outcomes and some concrete applications are discussed.

The birth of Human Insight Solutions

In 2020, Human Insight Solutions was founded. Within Human Insight Solutions, we share insights and best practices compiled over two decades. This is how we help organisations, L&D professionals, HR and consultants maximise the use of the insights Human Insight has to offer.

What has been achieved so far?

We are looking back at more than 34 years of scientific and practical research that have been supported and published by Harvard Business Review, in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and has even led to the usage of our tools within countless of corporate books.

The last few years we have helped over 5,000 organisations, trained over 2,500 and delivered over 100,000 assessments for individuals, teams and organisations. Human Insight believes that the success of an organisation is decided by the people that are working there and offers to help organisations find the way of achieving this success with pleasure, now and in the future!

History Human Insight 2015/2020

Case Studies

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Scientific Research

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