Richard Robertson

Human Insight Netherlands
Partner & Lead Content Development

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Richard Robertson

Graduated with honours from Leiden University in Social & Organisational Psychology and Economic & Consumer Psychology with an honours program in leadership, I have always been interested in how people, teams and organisations function and can achieve optimal results together.

After doing a double internship, first at Change Logic, a change leadership consulting company in Boston, US, and then an internship as a trainer and supervisor at Leiden University, I started working with a possible PhD in mind as program manager at Nyenrode Business University.

Although this was an extremely inspiring and instructive period, the entrepreneurial existence started to itch more and more and I founded our company Forward Focus together with my partner Sebastian Hamers to focus on coaching and guiding young professionals and start-ups. Because we made frequent use of the AEM-Cube® and associated concepts, we started talking more and more with Human Insight and we became increasingly involved in helping to develop and deliver joint products and training. This collaboration has grown into a merger of both companies, after which I became a partner at Human Insight.

Within Human Insight I am involved in everything that has to do with content and product development, from writing texts to developing training courses and e-learning modules. In addition, I am active as a speaker on the themes of strategic diversity and organisational ecology, as a trainer in Executive Presence and I still have the desire to enter a PhD trajectory in the not-too-distant future.

I spend most of my time with great pleasure in our company and developing and enriching the concepts. In addition, you can often find me on the golf course, in the cinema or in a good restaurant with friends and family!