Quality of Interaction Card Game

The Quality of Interaction Card Game is an ideal way to experiment with topics such as psychological safety and cognitive diversity within your organisation. The game offers teams a practical and insightful experience to increase the collaboration power and to assist in further organisation development.


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Quality of Interaction Card Game

The Quality of Interaction Card Game is specifically developed to help people within organisations experiment with the concepts of psychological safety and cognitive diversity. It is a business game and exercise packed into one and helps teams to experiment with these topics that form the overall culture of the organisation. The quality of interaction game focuses on helping people to analyse how behaviour and set routines impact overall team and organisation performance. The game is developed in conjunction with London Business School and Ashridge Business School, and based on the research of David Lewis and Alison Reynolds that was published in Harvard Business Review. The game itself answers questions such as what are the behaviours that we showcase on a day-to-day basis, what are the emotions that people are feeling in their work, and in which growth phase does the organisation find itself and how is this impacting the overall company culture.

Team performance, diversity and inclusion

Working on the topics such as team performance, diversity and inclusion, then the Quality of Interaction Card Game is ideal in combining these topics together. You can play the game with 2-8 people. The game can also be played in an online environment and facilitated via your preferred conferencing software.

Quality of Interaction facilitation

The game comes with an instruction manual that explains the steps to take whilst facilitating a session with a group of people. If you have any questions regarding the game itself, or if you would like to have a demo, you can plan in a session with one of our team members. Or send a mail to info@human-insight.com for more information.