Strategic Growth Scan

How to develop a growth strategy?

Within organisations, teams or business units, various challenges occur throughout their existence. Challenges that have an impact on the growth strategy and its implementation. Ingrained bottlenecks and routines that are time-consuming and get in the way of implementing the strategy, or staff who are not in the right place or in the right growth phase within the organisation. The Strategic Growth Scan will provide you with insights into your organisation, enabling you to use the right solutions and tools to steer the growth process in the right direction.

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Why the Strategic Growth Scan?

In a rapidly changing market, trends come and go at a rapid pace, competitors grow like mushrooms, but sometimes also go down while they seemed to be flourishing. They have often anticipated too late and have therefore missed a new Growth Curve.

The Strategic Growth Scan will ensure that your company is able to withstand market fluctuations, keep up with trends and once again lead the way in terms of innovation. We take a unique look at how the gap between strategy and its implementation can be narrowed as efficiently as possible. This way you can develop a succesful growth strategy.

New insights

Gain insight into what is happening within your organisation. Get clear handles on where there are blind spots within the organisation that influence performance.

Clear strategy

The outcomes of the Strategic Growth Scan provide consensus for the management team. Where are we at the moment? And where do we want to go as an organisation?

Improve performance

The insights from the Strategic Growth Scan offer the opportunity to create a roadmap that will improve performance and execution of strategy.

The 7 steps within the Strategic Growth Scan

Within the Strategic Growth Scan, we look at your organisation as an eco-system. How does your strategy work, how does the implementation of it work, and what are the mutual connections between them? Through a 7-step process, we gradually gain more insight into your organisation and the possible challenges that stand in the way of the next step in professionalisation. By using the right strategic tools at the right moment, the implementation of the strategy can be strengthened and optimised.

The end result of these 7 steps is that an immediate action-oriented approach is ready to tackle and solve problem areas.

What does the process look like?

We take your employees, team(s) and/or entire organisation through an 8-step process. During this process, all aspects of your organisation will be examined. This creates the right solutions and tools that can be used to steer the growth strategy in the right direction. The follow-up actions to be taken can also be connected to this effortlessly.

This growth process starts with step 1 and it is also possible to start a tailor-made trajectory in which one or more steps from this trajectory are applied. Going through this process with your team or organisation takes about 4 hours of your time, depending on the size of the group and the dialogues that will take place. Possible follow-ups are always in consultation with you and will be filled out specifically according to your wishes.

Step 1

Identifying growth

Mapping the organisation's characteristics using our Growth Curve model.

Step 2

External disruptions

Which external macro-environmental factors have an impact on our business?

Step 3

Internal tensions

Which internal elements have an impact on the company's performance.

Step 4

Organisational impact

If there are internal disagreements, where do they manifest themselves in the organisation?

Step 5

Human systems

What ways of working are organised within the company and why?

Step 6


What habits, routines and behaviours do we see happening in the company?

Step 7

Individual characteristics

What talents does the company have and are these correctly linked to performance areas of the organisation?

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With our Strategic Growth Scan you will get the right insights into your organisation, enabling you to steer the growth process in the most efficient direction.

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