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AEM-Cube Debrief Module

You can learn much more about the AEM-Cube, using our Human Insight Academy. Here, you will learn exactly what the tool entails, what the different dimensions are, how they relate to the Growth-Curve and, above all, how you can use the AEM-Cube in practice. For example on a personal level, by looking at how individuals can apply their natural contribution in their work. You can also learn more about how you can apply the AEM-Cube in a team context: where do the natural talents of each team member lie and how cognitively diverse is the team? In the AEM-Cube Debrief module, we will take you through all these elements, one by one.

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AEM-Cube & Leadership

Moreover, the AEM-Cube is very suitable for use in combination with leadership. Do you (and your team) want to develop in this area? Resilient leadership has a positive impact on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. In our view, these three elements are the fundamental building blocks for sustainable and successful leadership development.

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Become a Certified Practitioner!

Through the Human Insight Academy, in addition to in-depth modules, we also offer certification training to get started as an AEM-Cube practitioner and help others with our tool. Here, you will also find more information about our other tooling, for example, the Qi Index and the RPA-Cube and how you can work with it as a practitioner.

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