Quality of Interaction

Quality of Interaction

Our Quality of Interaction approach helps you, management teams, CxOs and teams in general to create a work environment based on trust and desirable behaviour in the workplace. It helps create a common language and analysis of which underlying routines affect overall performance and can be easily overcome by enabling the change needed.
As companies grow, so do the layers of complexity. With these added layers, the quality of the interaction between people in an organisation can be seriously affected. Many companies try to answer this question by looking at different ways of organisational design or structure. At Human Insight, we have come up with a way to solve this problem, something we call the Quality of Interaction approach. Here is why this can be important to you and your organisation.


The Quality of Interaction Index is based on research and developed in collaboration with Alison Reynolds, Ashridge Business University and David Lewis, London Business School. It helps organisations and people working together to understand:
  • Which behaviours within organisations are generative, which are non-generative and which are directly related to performance;
  • What kind of collaboration prevails within the organisation or between departments due to external factors and strategic choices;
  • Cognitive diversity, which helps to improve the overall performance of organisations;
  • Psychological safety, which has a direct impact on creating an ideal working environment.


We believe that people are naturally eager to learn and want to develop. Our insights help them to discover their full potential and connect this to strategy.


Our insights ensure that organisations have continuous insight into team performance, diversity and contributions. This allows organisations to (continue to) build sustainable teams.

Measurable diversity

Thanks to our tools and insights, cognitive diversity becomes measurable. On the basis of this, teams and organisations can be better classified.

Psychological Safety

We help organisations to align strategy with people and team, which will improve individual, team and organisational performance.

Quality of Interaction

The Quality of Interaction framework, insights and dashboard are used by organisations that want to transform their business processes and are looking for different ways to make their people thrive by investing in the human dynamics within the organisation day in day out. The Quality of Interaction reflects on the current situation of an organisation and the interactions of its employees. This results in practical next steps and development practices to improve cooperation where necessary.

Our vision

Human Insight has developed best practices and practical guidelines to help organisations, leaders and employees work with the insights that the Quality of Interaction tool has to offer. How to interpret the results and apply them to good use? Based on our success with other organisations combined with best practices, we found that the Quality of Interaction helps to uncover the behavioural aspects that need to be addressed in order to be successful in executing the strategy. In other words, it helps to analyse and act on areas within the organisation that are underperforming and where you can intervene to achieve maximum results in a short time.

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