Qi Index

Quality of Interaction (Qi) Index

Strengthen psychological safety and strategic diversity in your organisation

The Qi Index was developed by Alison Reynolds (Ashridge Executive Education) and David Lewis (London Business School) to make organisations more resilient and agile in a rapidly changing world.

The Qi Index analyses the dominant emotions, behaviours and cultural traits of your organisation and compares them with those most associated with high perceived adaptability.

The results indicate which relational behaviours are needed to increase adaptability in an organisation by reinforcing:
  1. Psychological Safety – people feel able and free to be and express themselves;
  2. Cognitive Diversity – recognising and valuing differences between one’s own perspective and that of others.
The Qi Index can be used on its own to map strategy execution, team and organisational development or ‘culture change’. To go deeper, it can be of great value to use the Qi in a complementary way with, for example, the AEM-Cube®, in order to deepen awareness even further and to map out an appropriate route to change.

The Qi Index in practice

The Qi Index does not depend on a certain size of a group, as long as it is a group that is interested in better understanding and improving their interaction patterns. It can be used team- and organisation-wide. The Qi Index is designed to initiate change and to support and improve, among other things:
    • The optimal execution of strategy
    • Team development and coaching
    • Leadership Development
    • Organisation-wide transformation programs
    • Level 3 leadership coaching (for leaders responsible for creating an environment in which others can lead well)

Results and insights

The Qi management report resulting from the analysis contains the following insights:

    • The average position and statistical distribution of the entire group in relation to the adaptability of the group;
    • A summary of the group’s most dominant emotions, behaviours, and cultural traits;
    • A breakdown of the specific areas of focus, e.g. critical interactions that help build psychological safety and cultivate an inclusive culture.
“The Qi Index has helped us apply a consistent set of cultural metrics to compare perceptions of systems engineers and their stakeholders across projects, companies and industries. Sharing the preliminary results across companies has led to meaningful discussions and plans for improvement of the effectiveness of systems engineering, taking into account important cultural variables, such as cognitive diversity and psychological safety.”

– Pamela Burke, PhD

The Qi Index in practice

The video below briefly explains what the Qi Index is and what this tool can be used for.

The Qi Effect

In the video below, our business partners Alison Reynolds explains what the Qi effect is.

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