Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

Quality of Interaction (Qi) – Certification Training

Participate in this webinar training, which is completely devoted to cognitive diversity, psychological safety, interaction and organisations in change.

2 webinars given by David Lewis, one of the researchers and creators of this new assessment.


Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

The Qi Index assessment was introduced at the beginning of 2018 and, in short, measures the ‘ability to change’ of organisations. The assessment has been specially developed to offer organisations more guidance in a rapidly changing world. Namely by analysing the dominant emotions, behaviours and cultural characteristics of your organisation. Then compare these with those most associated with high perceived adaptability.

During this hands-on certification training, you will learn everything about mapping interaction, cognitive diversity. As well as the psychological safety between people in teams and organisations. By means of the insights provided, organisations will become more resilient to change. Moreover, you will learn all this directly from one of the researchers and developers of the assessment, David Lewis.

The training helps you understand how to deal with customers when using the Qi Index. It also helps you to discover cultural behaviour. And it teaches you how to coach, consult and connect the customer based on the insights provided by the Qi Index. The ‘habit’ program with regard to facilitating cultural change will also be discussed.

The assessment is aimed at activating things and bringing about change. It supports and improves in:

  • Strategy Execution Approaches;
  • Council development and team coaching;
  • Leadership development;
  • Organisation-wide transformation programs;
  • Level 3 leadership coaching (for leaders responsible for creating an environment in which others can lead well).

The training will consist of two sessions. The first session is mainly focused on theory. Time is then scheduled for a pilot project. After that, the second session will take place in consultation with the participants. This will be about two months after the first session.

Participate in the Qi Index Certification training and also become a certified Qi practitioner.

The Qi Certification Training

New dates:

  • Theory 1 – 8 November 2022, 9 AM GMT
  • Theory 2 – 29 November 2022, 9 AM GMT
  • Q&A 1 – 13 December 2022, 9 AM GMT
  • Q&A 2 – 26 January 2023, 3 PM GMT
  • Evaluation – 21 February 2023, 9 AM GMT


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Price: € 1,250 excl. VAT, please contact us for a payment arrangement

The Qi Index has been developed on the basis of years of practical research and has been awarded publications in the Harvard Business Review (read the article here).

Questions? Send them to Zeldi via zstorni@human-insight.com or call her on +31 (0)6 82 75 93 80.

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