Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

During this hands-on certification training, you will learn all about interaction mapping, cognitive diversity. As well as the psychological safety between people in teams and organisations. The insights provided will make organisations more resistant to change.

This training is available online as well as inhouse. Would you like to get started at your convenience? Sign up for our Qi Certification Training.


Quality of Interaction (Qi) Certification Training

The Qi Index assessment was introduced at the beginning of 2018 and, in short, measures the ‘ability to change’ of organisations. The assessment has been specially developed to offer organisations more guidance in a rapidly changing world. Namely by analysing the dominant emotions, behaviours and cultural characteristics of your organisation. Then compare these with those most associated with high perceived adaptability.

Using the Qi Index, effortlessly map interactions between teams or individuals and improve psychological safety between people in teams and organisations. The unique insights from the Qi Index will make organisations more resilient to change.

The training helps you understand how to deal with customers when using the Qi Index. It also helps you to discover cultural behaviour. And it teaches you how to coach, consult and connect the customer based on the insights provided by the Qi Index. The ‘habit’ program with regard to facilitating cultural change will also be discussed.

What does the Qi Index support?

The Qi maps the strengths and weaknesses of organisations in terms of how people interact and how this affects performance. The Qi also shows which behaviours need to be strengthened and released in order to make optimal use of the different talents and perspectives within teams.

It supports and improves on:

What can you expect from the Qi Certification Training?

Qi Certification Training

The physical training will consist of two sessions. The first session will focus mainly on theory and the second will be scheduled, in consultation with the participants. This will be around two months after the first session.

Qi Certification Training (Online)

The training is relevant to anyone dealing with strategy execution. These include:

Who is the Qi Certification training relevant to?

Register for the Qi Certification Training?

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Costs Qi Certification Training: € 1.750 excluding VAT*.

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Join the Qi Index Certification Training and also become a certified Qi practitioner.

The Qi Index was developed based on years of practical research and has been awarded publications in the Harvard Business Review (read the article here).

Questions? Send them via info@human-insight.com or call us via on +31 (0)6 53611976.


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