Leadership and the AEM-Cube

‘Leadership and the AEM-Cube’ is a supplement to the Human Insight Leadership Assessment. The assessment shows which leadership style is most effective and this book shows how to adapt certain behaviour.


This book, Leadership and the AEM-Cube, is a supplement to the Human Insight Leadership Assessment. While the assessment shows a manager which leadership style he/she can most effectively practice, this book shows how he/she can adapt certain behaviour. This is in order to then align the leadership with the current phase of the Growth-Curve while keeping the following phases in mind.

This book answers the following questions:

  • What specific leadership behaviours would you need to improve in order to perform your role as a manager more effectively?
  • Which leadership style fits which phase of the Growth-Curve?
  • What leadership style is needed to get to the next stage of the Growth-Curve?
  • Which leadership behaviour fits the different positions in the AEM-Cube®?
  • Attachment: which leadership behaviour focuses mainly on relationships and which more on content?
  • Exploration: which leadership behaviour is more exploratory and which focuses more on optimisation?
  • Managing Complexity: what perspective is needed to be a successful manager – that of a specialist or that of a generalist?

Knowing what good leadership skills are is one thing, but being a good manager is another. So how do you know which steps to take to align your leadership style with what the organisation needs? This book shows what this challenge entails and shows managers what kind of behaviours should be improved to be a more effective manager. A manager who creates an environment that can move with the changing requirements for strategic growth.