How to manage constructive feedback

What steps to take when giving constructive feedback? You can read this and more in ‘How to manage constructive feedback’.

Can be used in combination with the AEM-Cube 360.


This document can be used in combination with the AEM-Cube 360. It is intended to be read by HR managers when discussing an AEM-Cube 360 report with employees. This document lists all the steps that are important when giving constructive feedback. This document deals with the preconditions for giving feedback provides guidelines on how to deal with constructive feedback and how to learn from the data coming from the AEM-Cube 360.

Practical tips are given in this document supported by scientific viewpoints. Central questions here are: How do you use an AEM-Cube 360 in practice? And what do you do if a feedback report does not match someone’s own AEM-Cube report?

This document is available in Dutch and English. The price is 7.50 euros excl. VAT per piece as e-version and 10 euros excl. VAT per piece as hard copy (excluding shipping costs).