Coaching Package

How to structure coaching conversations based on the AEM-Cube® assessment and insights.


  • Coaching Package for HR
  • Coaching Package for individuals


The results of the AEM-Cube are not only interesting for the employee, but also for the organisation. With the insights coming from the AEM-Cube report, both personal and organisational goals can be worked on. Based on this format, in combination with the results of the AEM-Cube, managers and employees can work on their objectives at different levels.

This format will display in a logical order a number of questions that managers can ask their employees and vice versa to work on these objectives. The central questions here are: How can the AEM-Cube be used to achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation? And how do the goals of the organisation relate to the personal goals of the employee?

This document is available in Dutch or English. The price is 12.50 euros excl. VAT per piece as e-version and 15.00 euros excl. VAT per piece as hard copy (excluding shipping costs).