Change agility in digital transformation

Organisations  have a natural cycle of birth, growth and decay: known as the Growth-Curve. Read all about it in ‘Change agility in digital transformation’.

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Technology and digital innovation are increasingly integrating into our personal lives, work and organisations today. However, this digital transformation is not about technology at all. Digital transformation only works when leaders first go back to basics: focus on changing the mindset of their members, as well as organisational culture and processes before deciding which digital tools to use and how to use them. What members envision as the future of the organisation drives the technology, not the other way around. Successfully navigating such a changing environment starts with understanding the current one.

Organisations, like people, have a natural cycle of birth, growth and decay. They experience a constant need to adapt and rely on people to successfully guide them through the process. To aid our understanding of these dynamics, we use the Growth-Curve broken down into multiple growth stages. This concept visually describes the cycle of constant growth, decline and rebirth of an organisation.

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