Book: What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader

Written by: Alison Reynolds, Dominic Houlder, Jules Goddard and David Lewis.

Explains the importance of the human component in organisations from the ideas of well-known philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, Nietsche.

Available as hardcopy in English.


About the book:

The way we try to manage people today does not work. Many people feel disengaged, frustrated and unappreciated within traditional business structures.

The book ‘What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader’ offers different insights that enable you to reconnect with the human values of work. By turning to philosophy and what it teaches us about finding fulfilment and a good life, this book offers ways in which you can re-engage your staff. This by seeing employees as people, rather than tools in the process.

Within this book, leadership questions are answered: such as the value of KPIs, how to build an inclusive workplace and how to reward success. Learn how to reconnect your company, its people and shareholders with Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, Nietsche and a host of other brilliant minds.