AEM-Cube® Profile Descriptions: Reference Work

The AEM-Cube Profile Description: Reference Work supports optimally in coaching or consulting practice.



Become an AEM-Cube pro with the AEM-Cube Profile Descriptions: Reference Work
All positions in the AEM-Cube at a glance

This reference work contains descriptions for all 64 AEM-Cube positions. It is intended to aid coaches and consultants with interpreting and debriefing AEM-Cube results. For example, it can help explain the concepts or nuances of the AEM-Cube, provide the context van adjacent AEM-Cube positions to enrich debriefs, and offer ways to address questions around team dynamics.

Check out our Human Insight book ‘Team Dynamics‘ to gain better understanding of the interactions between the AEM-Cube quadrants.

In Dutch or English. The price is €74.95 excl. VAT for an e-book, and €99.95 excl. VAT (excluding shipping costs) for a hard copy.