ACT-Cube Certification Training

The ACT-Cube Certification Training prepares you to visualise and measure the culture and value chains of an organisation so that you can enable organisations to deliver more sustainable performance and better execute their strategic objectives.


ACT-Cube Certification Training

During the ACT-Cube Certification Training, you will be trained to get started with the ACT-Cube. The ACT-Cube®, an assessment tool, specially designed to visualise and measure organisational culture and value chains. To then enable organisations to deliver more sustainable performance and better implement strategic objectives.

Are you interested in getting started with the ACT-Cube? Then the ACT-Cube Certification Training is the place to start*. This training offers you everything you need to use the ACT-Cube with your customers/employees the next day.

The training is given by Richard Robertson. The first part is devoted to the background, theory and concepts. After this in-depth introduction, the rest of the focus is mainly on exercises and in-depth practical discussions. The second part focuses on data analysis, providing feedback and going deeper into various business cases. Training material is of course included, as well as a pilot project (with a set of ACT-Cube questionnaires). This allows you to practice in practice.

After this training and your personal pilot project, you will provide us with feedback on your interpretations. You do this by means of a written report and a short (possibly) online presentation. After we have discussed these, we jointly decide whether you have sufficient mastery of the concepts. If so, you are officially certified. After that, you will receive your own ACT-Cube certificate.

*To participate in the ACT-Cube Certification Training you must already be AEM-Cube® certified. This can also be purchased as a combination package (AEM-Cube and ACT-Cube).

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Language: English

Price: € 1,250.-** per person excl. VAT

**Includes coffee/tea, lunch, pilot project, training material, additional session material.

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