3 horizons working document

3 horizons working document


This 3-horizon working document has been developed for strategic workshops for senior management, project teams and HR teams. It helps to structure and understand key roles within the organisation, map it with the challenges at hand and the talented people needed to overcome these growth challenges. The two-page working paper follows a step-by-step process where you as a coach or facilitator can guide a client through it through an online or offline team session. Ideal to use in conjunction with the RPA-Cube (Results Positioning Area) and the AEM-Cube® (Natural Contribution of Humans) and possibly the organisation’s heatmap when working with larger companies.

This document is ideal for sessions with HR to shape learning, development and recruitment programs. It also provides strategic framing around succession planning questions for companies with 50 FTE and more. It can be used during annual management team sessions where the strategy is worked out on the operational side.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a workshop on 3 horizons, please contact us at info@human-insight.com.

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