Tailor-Made Training: the key to future-proof organisations

A familiar challenge that many leaders struggle with: A problem arises within the organisation, you seek advice on it, and yet little changes. Why? General leadership advice does not always match the specific challenges that organisations face. That is why a tailored training course is essential to ensure that leadership remains effective in the short term and the long term. In this article, you will read why the customisation of leadership challenges is so important for a future-proof organisation.

Tailor-Made Training Solutions

We discuss three levels of leadership regarding the individual, team and the organisation and take a look at the different challenges involved. We then show you how tailor-made training at each of these levels can help develop effective leadership and contribute to organisational success.

"Tailor-made training solutions increase engagement and efficiency because it allows specific needs to be adressed"

The three levels of leadership

Research by Stokols and colleagues (2008) on collaboration in multidisciplinary teams of scientists shows that there are certain contextual factors present when managing successful teams. 

There are several factors that lead to effective collaboration, including the individual, interpersonal (regarding the interaction between individuals in a team) and organisational aspect. Within each of these levels, there are different conditions that promote or hinder team performance and cooperation. 

For instance, at the individual level, it is important to take into account the needs of team members that work together, to have the courage and ability to resolve conflicts, and be able to give constructive feedback. At the team level, it is important to pay attention to group cohesion, (cognitive) diversity and to create a respectful environment to express oneself in (psychological safety). And final: at the organisational level, the focus is more on management, the structure between teams and the organisational culture.

Tailor-made training solutions for leadership development

Tailored solutions for Leadership & You

Unique solutions – adapted to the level at which the core problem is located – deliver the most effective results for key issues. Leadership development is a complex process which involves many factors. This is also applicable to leadership at the individual level. 

For example, recent scientific insights by Day and colleagues (2021) suggest that leadership develops best throughout a lifetime, in which individual leaders take personal responsibility for their development. The experiences and activities that occur in daily (work) life are opportunities to further develop leadership skills. 

Research also shows that investing in leadership assessments that identify leaders’ potential actually pays off, resulting in better leadership (Church et al., 2021). 

By tailoring leadership training to individual leaders and focusing on their continuous development, their potential can be better reached. This, in turn, contributes to a future-proof organisation.

Tailored solutions for Leadership & Teams

Every level has a different need when it comes to leadership development. To arrive at a sustainable solution, it is vital to examine where the real pain point in a specific team lie. 

Example: Since the arrival of a new leader at team X, team members have been underperforming. The reason may be a lack of psychological safety, but it may also be due to the way the team is structured within the organisation.

Generic advice often quickly leads you back to the same problematic situation. Accurate customisation therefore starts with an analysis of the problem, which is followed by coming up with a sustainable solution. This can take the form of customised training or customised coaching.

Tailored solutions for Leadership & the Organisation

Personal aspects of an individual leader also affect the organisation as a whole, according to Holmes and colleagues (2021). For instance, the strategic leadership of top executives can affect the long-term growth of the organisation. Ethical leadership can also contribute to a positive reputation and stakeholder trust.

In addition, good leadership from the board can also contribute to better performance of teams and (middle) managers. In other words: to become a future-proof organisation, it is important to tailor leadership training to strategic issues.

By investing in custom-made leadership strategies, organisations can better adapt to changes in the market and become future-proof. This not only ensures better results, but also more motivated employees who feel committed to the organisation (Matthews et al., 2021).

The advantages of tailor-made training solutions

Tailor-made training courses offer several advantages over standard training courses. These trainings are tailored to your personal learning goals and help you develop exactly what is needed to achieve goals.

Here are some advantages of tailored training solutions:

Tailored training solutions are designed to help meet the specific needs of participants. This can be at the individual, team or organisational level. This makes the training not only relevant, but also directly applicable. Because the training is tailored to suit personal learning goals and is not generic, the learning process is faster and more efficient. This is because participants can focus on developing specific skills, which are relevant to their position.

Tailor-made training increases engagement and the motivation to learn. Training tailored to specific needs and goals potentially leads to more employee engagement. This is because customised training recognises and addresses specific needs.

Bespoke training is flexible. This means these trainings can be adapted to the schedule and availability of your staff. For instance: a customised training can be delivered in-company or online. Customised training content and learning preferences can also be adapted.

In short, tailor-made training solutions can lead to a more effective learning experience, better performance and higher participant satisfaction.


Our tailor-made training courses focus not only on developing the right leadership skills, but also on changing behaviour in teams and implementing new strategies in the organisation. After all, leadership is not only limited to the top of the organisation, but includes all levels.

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