Developing a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset plays an important role in personal growth. It enables us to face challenges and learn from our mistakes, in order to constantly grow. In this article, we look at the essence of a growth mindset and give some practical tips on how to develop a growth mindset.

Developing a growth mindset

A growth mindset affects your personal and also professional success. In contrast, a fixed or fixed mindset is a way of thinking that can be limiting. Do you want to know how this positive mindset can contribute to your success and how you can develop it? Then you have come to the right place.

With a growth mindset, you are more resilient and agile as an individual, but also as a leader.

What is a growth mindset?

Someone who possesses a growth mindset is convinced that our intelligence, skills and talents are not static, but can be developed. With effort and perseverance, trial and error, new skills can be learned and one can grow at both personal and professional levels.

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. Here, people believe that intelligence and talents are fixed and cannot change. These types of individuals often avoid challenges because they fear confirmation that they cannot do something. Criticism and feedback are also seen as threats. A fixed or fixed mindset is usually hindering personal development.

In short, we need to get rid of the fixed mindset and develop a growth mindset.

Why do we want to develop a growth mindset?

A growth mindset makes the difference between standing still and growing, but it also positively affects how we communicate and interact with others. It influences how and whether we face challenges, how we deal with feedback and how we grow on a personal and professional level.

Recognising a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset, comes with a number of characteristics. Below, we give you some examples of traits and characteristics that an individual with a growth mindset possesses:

Your mindset is not static, as talents and skills can be developed. If you work hard and are open to learning new things, you can keep growing constantly. This is one of the beliefs of someone who has developed a growth mindset.

Someone with a growth mindset is neither afraid of challenges nor of leaving that familiar comfort zone. Challenges are met and seen as opportunities to learn and grow. Should things go wrong, this person sees this as a learning moment rather than a failure moment.

You can only get stronger from feedback if you do something with it. Feedback is seen as a way to improve yourself, because you can acknowledge mistakes and see it as a learning moment.

Setbacks are not fun, but they are instructive. This way, you can adjust your mindset even when something goes wrong. Ask yourself what you learned instead of harping on about what went wrong and how it could have happened.

How do you develop a growth mindset?

Developing a growth mindset starts by changing your mindset. Above all, try not to think in inadequacies, but try to see all that you can achieve. Be positive and try to learn something from everything.

Here are more tips that can help you develop a growth mindset and let go of a fixed mindset.

Feedback tips

There are different forms of feedback, for example, you can use a 360 degree feedback assessment, which gives you feedback from several people and allows you to form a better picture. Another form of feedback is feedforward. Feedforward involves looking to the future. Positive or negative feedback is displaced by forward-looking solutions.

By using the tips above, you too can develop a growth mindset. Just know that developing such a positive mindset takes time and does not happen without a struggle. But once you realise that you are more open to challenges and setbacks don’t bother you as much, you will really start to notice the benefits of a growth mindset.

Getting started with 360-degree feedback

A growth mindset can ensure improved performance on a personal and professional level. But it requires a piece of awareness, practice and, above all, a positive attitude.

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