Leading Change and Innovation in Healthcare

Leading indicators for organisational change and innovation

In 2019 Dutch healthcare institutions were under high pressure to maintain quality of care due to external political and budgetary pressures. Together with FWG, Human Insight was asked to research how innovative healthcare organisations in The Netherlands are.

During this process we researched the Board of Directors, their natural contributions and the state of innovation within these Healthcare organisations.

For this research 86 CXO – level board members agreed to be a part. The findings of this research and the follow up can be found in this document.

Growth Model Greiner

Greiner Growth Model
The Greiner Growth Model - Every transition is a leadership challenge

Leading indicators for organisational change and innovation

Depicted in Figure 1 you will find the data points of the 86 CXO level directors plotted on the floor of the AEM-Cube questionnaire. Of the 86 executives there is a clear skewness towards the exploration side of the AEM-Cube

Meaning that almost 2/3 of the executive director level values themselves as being explorative and relationship focused. When comparing these data with other CXO’s in the financial world, for example, we see that there is a strong relationship between Healthcare and relationship focus.

Filled in AEM-Cube on CXO niveau
Filled in AEM-Cube (Figure 1)

The main problems CXO level management are facing is:

  • Communicating and structuring innovative new processes within their organisations.

Something we further researched within each Healthcare provider by having healthcare professionals complete the AEM-Cube questionnaire.

Executive healthcare directors vs professionals: Dialogues in transition

In Figure 2 you can see the average position of the CXO level and their natural contribution depicted on the Growth-Curve and within the AEM-Cube.

CXO Executive Leadership
CXO Executive Leadership (Figure 2)

We did the same with healthcare professionals (Figure 3) and found that there is a strong difference between the two groups of people and their interaction with each other on a daily basis.

Healthcare professionals have a more optimising, natural contribution and are more focused on extending existing services and fine tuning these services.

Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare Professionals

Different healthcare organisations in the AEM-Cube

Based on these insights, we created an overview of the different healthcare organisations and their industries.

Next steps and follow up: Innovation and talent development programmes

Innovation programmes

Together with its partners FWG and Progressional People, Human Insight created an innovation programme for healthcare professionals, focusing on harnessing the natural contributions of people and harnessing the power of explorative individuals.

Strategic Doing: leveraging new ways of working

Together with different healthcare organisations we are rolling out strategic doing as a new way of working to introduce a more agile approach to innovative solutions, customer services and internal processes. Groups of 12 to 15 people per organisation are following this process and embedding this approach within their teams.

Team sessions

Getting clarity on where we are as an organisation and working on team dialogue was a common topic and theme that the executive directors wanted to work on with the rest of their colleagues.

Leadership development

Individual development programmes for specific audience members (project managers, young professionals, management) have been developed and have now been rolled out within multiple healthcare institutions.

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