360 Degree Feedback: This is how it works!

Work on development and improve performance with the insights from 360 degree feedback. This feedback method is characterised by a more complete overview of your employees. Are you looking for a 360 degree assessment or do you want to get started yourself? Read on quickly.
360 Degree Feedback Assessment
Giving and receiving feedback can be tricky, because; how do you give constructive feedback and at what point do you give it. Are all persons giving feedback equally honest? Which questions should be included in a feedback questionnaire to measure what is important? These questions are important, but what also plays a big role is the feedback method used. At Human Insight, we use the AEM-Cube 360 as a feedback tool. You’ll read more about that later.

"Get a more complete and broader overview of your team's talents and development points."

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is an effective way to assess your team. By using a 360 degree questionnaire, you can combine anonymous feedback from several people to get a more complete picture of your staff.

The benefits of 360 degree assessments

With 360-degree feedback, you get feedback from different people. The advantage is that by combining this, you can get a better picture of your staff. It reveals how they think about themselves, but also how other people see it.

A 360-degree feedback tool easily shows whether your staff is doing what they say they are doing and whether this is also seen that way by colleagues.

Different feedback methods

There are different feedback methods. We talk about one-dimensional feedback when only the manager gives feedback towards the employee. The difference between 180-degree feedback and 360-degree is in the number of people. 180 degrees involves a dialogue between employee and supervisor, while 360 degrees involves all stakeholders.

360 feedback assessment tool

A 360 degree assessment tool is a feedback assessment that provides effortless insight into talents and development points. It is made to provide anonymous feedback to colleagues in an accessible way.

By using a 360 degree feedback questionnaire periodically, you can encourage staff to keep improving themselves, but you can also find out whether your staff is in the right place within your organisation and stage of growth.

The AEM-Cube 360 as feedback tool

The AEM-Cube can be used as a feedback tool where we measure someone’s self-image, but also ask colleagues of this person to fill in a feedback questionnaire, thus creating 360-degree feedback.

How does the 360-degree feedback questionnaire work?

The AEM-Cube 360 questionnaire is approachable, anonymous and easy to complete online. It consists of 48 questions that are tested on two sides. Completing such a feedback questionnaire for takes just 10 minutes.

The best part of this tool is that it identifies a person’s drives and contrasts that in context with how this person is perceived in his/her work environment. These insights are built on an appreciative basis and are fed back with a personal report by a coach. Together, in a safe environment, we further zoom in on the employee’s role, function and responsibilities and the natural contribution being made.

What does the 360 degree feedback questionnaire measure?

The AEM-Cube 360 degree feedback questionnaire measures the following themes:

When and why use a feedback tool?

The AEM-Cube 360 is relevant for people who would like to develop themselves further, both privately and at work. Think of; insights for team leads on how to deal with different team dynamics or support in leading teams or large groups.

But it can also be used from a development perspective, when it is interesting to offer staff new tools to reduce the gap between strategy and its implementation.

Getting started with 360-degree feedback

Want to know more about the AEM-Cube 360 and what it can do for your team or organisation?

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