Interested in learning more about the AEM-Cube and the Quality of Interaction tools? 

AEM-Cube Debrief Module

You can learn much more about the AEM-Cube, using our Human Insight Academy. Here, you will learn exactly what the tool entails, what the different dimensions are, how they relate to the Growth-Curve and, above all, how you can use the AEM-Cube in practice. For example on a personal level, by looking at how individuals can apply their natural contribution in their work. You can also learn more about how you can apply the AEM-Cube in a team context: where do the natural talents of each team member lie and how cognitively diverse is the team? In the AEM-Cube Debrief module, we will take you through all these elements, one by one.

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Quality of Interaction

Never has it been so important to be able to innovate and adapt. Our organisations and teams need to be both agile and resilient; not just to be able to survive but to be able to flourish in this changing world. The Quality of Interaction assessment maps the patterns of interaction within the organisation that are needed to create a working environment that supports an environment in which we can take full advantage of the challenges and opportunities we face to generate value for customers and clients. 

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Become a Certified Practitioner!

Through the Human Insight Academy we also offer certification training to get you started as a, for example, AEM-Cube practitioner and help others with our tools. Here, you will also find more information about our other tooling like the Quality of Interaction and the RPA-Cube and how you can work with it as a practitioner.

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