Human Insight Netherlands
UX/UI Design intern

Laurens Vastenhout

I am currently in the graduation phase of my Communication & Multimedia Design study at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. After studying computer science for two years, I found out that I liked designing more than coding. I then switched from Computer Science to the Communication & Multimedia Design course. Because of my background with computer science I am often the link between the designers and the developers.
During this training I started to focus on UX design. I also took a Minor for this. I started my internship at Human Insight at the beginning of this year. During my internship I keep myself busy with UX/UI and interactive data visualisation.

When the sun is shining I can almost always be found in a skate park. Furthermore, in my spare time I like to do sports, chill with friends and finish the huge pile of games I have yet to play.