Human Insight Netherlands
Data Analyst

Koen van den Hoogen

After graduating from secondary school, after two gap years in which I travelled around Asia, I arrived at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam for Economics and Business Economics. While this was an interesting study, I was missing something. I obtained my propaedeutic certificate in the first year and then switched to Psychology in Leiden. I feel more at home here and am now looking at the various options for a master’s degree. However, there are a lot of interesting options!

At Human Insight I hold the position of Data Analyst, based on my statistical knowledge gained in Economics and Psychology. It is the long-awaited link between theory at the university and practice within this company that makes this work extremely interesting.

In my spare time I – as a real citizen of the Hague – prefer to go to the beach every day. I also like to travel and I play football fanatically three times a week.